Enrolment Process

Your membership is finalized at a NEXUS Enrolment Centre.

When you report to the enrolment centre, a review of your original documents and a full interview will occur.

You will be interviewed by a CBSA and/or U.S. CBP officer, who will do the following:

  • review the information you provided on your application form to make sure it is still valid;
  • verify your identity and review original documents such as proof of citizenship and residency documents, work permits and visas;
  • ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements for membership; and
  • take your fingerprints.

If you are accepted into NEXUS, the officer will do the following:

  • explain the terms and conditions of NEXUS;
  • ask to take a digital photograph of your irises to verify your identity each time you enter Canada or the United States in the air mode of transportation using the self-serve kiosks;
  • take a digital photograph of your face for your NEXUS membership card;
  • explain the Traveller Declaration Card (Form E601) process (for Canadian residents only);
  • explain how to cross the border in the air, land and marine modes of transportation using your NEXUS card and, where possible, show you how to use the self-serve kiosks in the air mode; and
  • inform you that you may be subject to an inspection any time you enter Canada or the United States.
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