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COVID-19: What to expect at the border

From: Canada Border Services Agency

Exemptions ending for certain travellers entering Canada

Effective , some foreign national travellers who were previously allowed to enter Canada without being fully vaccinated will now be required to be fully vaccinated in order to enter Canada. There will also be changes to testing and quarantine exemptions for certain travellers, regardless of citizenship, entering Canada.

Find out if you can enter Canada

COVID-19: Global travel advisory

Effective : Avoid non-essential travel outside Canada, regardless of your vaccination status. Omicron travel health notice

Travel restrictions remain in place for all foreign nationals, including U.S. citizens.

Travellers with a right to enter Canada: Be aware that some public health measures continue to apply upon your return, regardless of your vaccination status.

Find out what you need to do before you arrive. Before heading to the border, get informed and understand your obligations.

Services and information

Find out if you can enter Canada

Entry restrictions are still in place for foreign nationals.

Entering Canada requirements checklist

Flying, driving or entering by private boat.

Vaccinated travellers entering Canada

Requirements before and at the border. Accepted vaccines. Travel with children.

COVID-19 testing for travellers

Mandatory pre-arrival tests. Arrange for arrival testing.

Proof of vaccination in ArriveCAN

How to submit your proof in ArriveCAN. Use the most up-to-date version of the app.

Mandatory quarantine or isolation

How to plan for your quarantine. Quarantining with others in the same household.

Exemptions from testing and quarantine

Find out if you may be exempt from certain requirements.

Transit through Canada including to and from Alaska

Transiting to another country by air. Driving to or from Alaska. Transiting through Canadian waters.

Open ports of entry

Certain air, marine and land borders are temporarily closed.


Suspension of enrollment centres and land lanes. Renewals.

COVID-19 Cruise ship travel

Guidance and interim orders related to cruise ship travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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