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ARCHIVED - Tariff Notice – 09

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July 13, 2005


1. that the Order Amending the Schedule to the Customs Tariff (Special Provisions for the Purposes of the United States Tariff (UST)), SOR/2005-218, has been passed. These changes will be included in the next amendment package T2005-4. In the interim, for more details, please visit the Canada Gazette website;

2. that a publishing error occurred in chapter 84, English version only. The Description of Goods, for tariff item No. 8479.89.91.00, should include the bolded text (see below). This correction will also be included in the next amendment package T2005-4.

Abrasive blast recovery machinery;
Brake pad curing presses;
Compactors, excluding trash compactors;
Container pallet loaders;
Coupon inserters;
Door or gate operators;
Duct cleaning machines;
Dump truck hopper covers;
Equipment for cleaning grates (trash racks) at hydro electric installations;
Extrusion, laminating or coating lines for plastic film, excluding machines employed in the production of photographic products;
Fifth wheel adaptors for truck mounting;
Fish feeders;
Fish washing tanks;
Floating surface aerators for waste water treatment;
Fluxing machinery for welding;
Flux recovery systems;
Freezer block depanning machines for fish;
Hydraulic press type tire changers;
Ice resurfacing machines;
Industrial floor polishers;
Industrial floor scrubbers excluding self-propelled, walk behind type;
Industrial humidifiers or dehumidifiers;
Liquid metal encapsulating machines;
Loading dock levellers;
Lubricant distribution systems;
Machinery for removal of food products from bags;
Marine release hooks for mooring or towing;
Mattress handle inserting machines and border cutters;
Mechanical glove boxes;
Metal cleaning machines;
Mould breakers;
Oil well servicing machines;
Paint tint or colourant dispensers (not computerized);
Paper shredders;
Parking lot barriers;
Quick die change components (rolling bolster and die carts, for presses);
Railway car straighteners;
Recycling or de-inking plants;
Reelers and coilers, excluding machines employed in the production of photographic products;
Rinser-dryers for hospital hardware;
Sewer cleaners;
Shake out machines for sand used in foundries;
Shingle or shake sorters;
Slitting machines, excluding machines employed in the production of photographic products;
Solvent bath parts cleaners;
Tables for leaf springs assembly;
Tablet or capsule inspection machinery;
Tablet dedusters;
Tank presses for emptying or extruding heavy viscose or paste products from mix or storage tanks;
Technical training laboratory systems for schools and training centres;
Thrusters for ships;
Towel dispensers;
Tow type access stands for maintenance or repair of aircraft;
Transformer forming or cutting machines;
Turf aerators and dethatchers, other than those that incorporate solid or hollow tines having angles that can be altered while at full penetration to loosen soil;
Vacuum coating machines, other than machines employed in the ophthalmic optics industry;
Vacuum waste loaders;
Vehicle washing machines;
Welding fume collectors