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ARCHIVED - Tariff Notice – 2012-1

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June 13, 2012

Tariff Amendment T2012-2

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) wishes to advise of amendments to the Departmental Consolidation of the Customs Tariff (Tariff), effective June 1, 2012, found in Tariff Amendment package T2012-2.

Tariff items 9804.10.00, 9804.20.00 and 9804.40.00 were amended to reflect the changes announced in the March 29, 2012 Budget.

Statistics Canada made the following changes to their Statistical structure:

Deleted Added
5407.52.90.23 5407.52.90.29
6806.90.00.30 -
8482.99.11.10 -
8482.99.11.90 8482.99.11.00
8482.99.19.10 -
8482.99.19.90 8482.99.19.00

Statistics Canada also made text changes to the following classification numbers:

0304.89.00.10 English and French
0812.90.10.20 French only
2009.29.00.2X French only
2309.90.33.41 French only
2309.90.34.41 French only
2309.90.34.42 French only
2309.90.34.43 French only
2309.90.34.51 French only
2309.90.34.52 French only
2309.90.34.53 French only
2709.00.00.2X English only
2709.00.00.91 English and French
2709.00.00.92 English only
2709.00.00.93 English and French
2710.99.00.10 English only
2817.00.00.10 French only
2836.20.00.10 French only
2916.12.00.30 French only
2917.32.00.20 English and French
2930.90.00.20 English only
3005.90.00.40 French only
3006.10.00.10 English only
3307.90.00.10 French only
3405.10.90.20 French only
3809.92.00.30 French only
3824.90.00.41 French only
3824.90.00.51 English and French
3824.90.00.52 English only
3824.90.00.7X French only
3914.00.00.10 English and French
3920.49.00.10 English only
3926.90.99.1X French only
3926.90.99.30 French only
4202.92.20.21 French only
4301.80.00.20 English only
4301.80.00.70 English only
4418.50.00.1X French only
4418.50.00.20 French only
4418.90.00.40 French only
5503.20.00.1X English and French
5503.20.00.14 French only
5503.20.00.15 French only
5603.13.00.21 English and French
5603.13.00.22 English and French
6104.42.00.10 English and French
6104.43.00.10 English only
6104.62.00.11 English and French
6104.63.00.11 English and French
6106.20.00.10 English only
6107.11.00.10 English and French
6107.12.00.21 English and French
6110.20.00.2X English and French
6110.30.00.7X English and French
6110.30.00.8X English and French
6112.41.00.1X English and French
6203.42.00.10 English only
6203.43.00.12 French only
6204.33.00.20 French only
6204.63.00.12 French only
6206.40.00.20 French only
6506.10.90.10 French only
6815.99.10.40 English only
7215.10.00.20 French only
7215.50.00.2X French only
7220.20.00.11 English only
7222.30.00.1X French only
7222.30.00.11 French only
7304.23.00.1X French only
7317.00.00.3X French only
7322.90.90.10 French only
7324.90.00.11 French only
7324.90.00.21 French only
7407.29.90.40 French only
7601.10.00.10 French only
7606.12.00.10 French only
8205.20.90.10 French only
8207.19.00.40 English only
8207.50.00.10 English only
8409.99.00.12 French only
8409.99.00.91 English and French
8409.99.00.93 English and French
8409.99.00.94 English and French
8415.82.99.11 English and French
8415.82.99.12 English and French
8418.10.90.21 French only
8419.50.00.10 French only
8429.52.00.50 French only
8430.20.00.1X English only
8430.41.00.20 English and French
8430.49.00.20 English and French
8431.10.00.10 French only
8434.20.00.10 English and French
8436.80.00.70 English only
8483.40.00.10 French only
8504.22.00.10 French only
8504.22.00.20 French only
8516.80.00.10 French only
8529.90.90.10 French only
8539.21.00.11 French only
8539.21.00.91 French only
8542.32.00.2X French only
8542.32.00.21 French only
8542.32.00.22 French only
8542.32.00.23 French only
8542.32.00.24 French only
8542.32.00.3X French only
8542.32.00.31 French only
8542.32.00.41 French only
8542.33.00.80 English and French
8542.39.00.22 English and French
8545.19.00.10 French only
8706.00.90.30 French only
9010.90.00.20 English only
9018.90.90.52 English and French
9018.90.90.54 English and French
9018.90.90.84 English and French
9018.90.90.85 English and French
9030.33.00.10 French only
9031.80.00.10 English and French
9305.10.00.40 French only
9305.91.00.1X French only
9403.20.00.80 French only
9403.60.10.70 French only
9403.60.90.91 French only
9403.60.90.92 French only
9403.60.90.93 French only
9404.90.10.1X French only
9404.90.10.3X French only
9404.90.10.4X French only
9404.90.10.50 French only
9404.90.90.2X French only
9404.90.90.3X French only
9404.90.90.40 French only
9405.10.00.2X French only

Printed Copies of the Tariff

If you have questions regarding the paper copy of the Customs Tariff, which is printed and distributed by Public Works and Government Services Canada, please contact: Government of Canada Publications.

Tariff Classification Assistance

If you have questions regarding tariff classification, rates of duty, permits or other CBSA programs please contact the CBSA's computerized, 24-hour telephone service (Border Information Service) at 1-800-461-9999, available free of charge throughout Canada; press “0” to speak directly with an agent during regular business hours, Monday to Friday (08:00 – 16:00 local time / except holidays). From outside Canada call (204) 983-3500 or (506) 636-5064, long distance charges will apply. TTY is also available within Canada: 1-866-335-3237.

The CBSA also offers advance rulings for tariff classification which provide binding, written advice as to the classification of a product.

The Harmonized System Explanatory Notes and Compendium of Classification Opinions are reference material copyrighted by the World Customs Organization (WCO) that may be purchased from licensed WCO sales agents in each country or from the WCO Bookstore. In Canada, purchases may be made through McMullin Publishers Limited.

Problems with the Tariff files

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