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The Voice Reporting Program allows individuals to report to the CBSA via telephone using an automated system that confirms their identity using voice biometrics and records their location when calling in from a cellular phone. Individuals are enrolled at CBSA office where they record a pre-determined phrase five times to create a template of their voice. When calling in, individuals are guided by voice prompts to repeat the same phrase which is matched against the template created during enrolment. Individuals are required to call in on a regular schedule determined by the CBSA or the IRB. If calling from a cellular phone, the client’s location is provided to the CBSA by the cellular phone company and recorded at the time of the call, to maintain the integrity of the voice reporting program. Individuals are required to consent to the sharing of their location information prior to enrolling. The CBSA will investigate and take the appropriate action if individuals fail to call or attempted fraud is detected.


The Voice Reporting system is available at all Inland Enforcement offices in Canada. Ports of Entry that choose to refer individuals for enrollment in the Voice Reporting Program must make arrangements with their local Inland Enforcement office.


To provide individuals with a convenient method of reporting to the CBSA on a regular basis without requiring them to physically report to a CBSA office.


The Voice Reporting Program is available across Canada as of July 6, 2018.


Voice reporting is imposed in the same manner as in person reporting or any other condition under Sections 44, 56 or 58 of IRPA. Conditions can be imposed by either the CBSA or the IRB. Once the condition is imposed and the individual has a compatible cellular phone, enrollment takes place at a CBSA Inland Enforcement office. It is possible to enroll in the Voice Reporting Program at locations other than CBSA Inland Enforcement offices but special arrangements need to be made ahead of time to coordinate the enrolment with on officer at a CBSA Inland Enforcement office or the Alternatives to Detention Monitoring Centre.

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