E601 – Traveller Declaration Card to be Used by Canadian Residents to Declare Goods

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Section A - To be completed by Program Member (Traveller)

Section B - To be completed by Program Member (Traveller): Personal information and residential address

Section C - Complete this section if mailing address differs from residential address

Section D - Total amount declared must include your personal exemption. See instruction below for further details

Section E - Credit Card Information

I understand that by signing this section my credit card will be charged any applicable duties and taxes that may be owing for the items that I declared on this form that are over my personal exemption. I also understand that this credit card number will be kept on file for future subsequent transactions.

Section F - Program Member (Traveller) Certification

I certify that all information given on this form was provided voluntarily and is true and complete. I certify that I understand the terms and conditions of the Traveller Declaration Card (TDC). I agree to pay all duties and taxes applicable on the goods that I have declared on my TDC. I hereby authorize CBSA to use the credit card number that I have provided for this purpose. I certify that the credit card is valid and that I will provide CBSA with amended information as required.


The authority to collect the personal information derives from section 11.1 of the Customs Act; and the regulations made under that provision. It will be used to report and pay federal and provincial duty and tax revenue collected through the various alternative reporting programs for Travellers, and also for statistical purposes. The personal information on this form is protected in accordance with the Privacy Act and other laws. The information may be disclosed to internal or external bodies as a consistent use for other provisions listed under section 8(2) of the Privacy Act. Failure to comply and pay amounts owing is a contravention of the Customs Act and may result in the cancellation of your membership. You have the right to access and/or to request correction of your personal information under the Privacy Act. Further information about this collection may be found by referring to Traveller Declaration Cards, CBSA PPU 018. For more information, visit www.infosource.gc.ca

How to complete your Traveller Declaration Card (TDC)

1. Complete one card per person and per membership. Use black ink. Do not use green or light blue ink. Do not use a fine-tipped pen.

2. Please note that any changes to personal information noted in your TDC will not be transferred to your membership profile. You must contact one of the 3 Canadian Processing Centers listed below to update any personal information.

Phone number Region Hours of operation
866-399-5887 Quebec and Atlantic residents Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST (except holidays)
800-842-7647 Ontario and United States residents Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST
866-496-3987 British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba residents Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST

3. Exemption: Check the appropriate exemption box only if you qualify for one of these exemptions. If you have been gone less than 24 hours do not check anything.

4. Check one of the boxes to indicate whether the goods you are declaring are valued in U.S. or Canadian dollars. The dollar amounts declared cannot be split between the two currencies.

5. Check one of the boxes to indicate where the goods were made. If they were made in a country other than the U.S. or Canada, check the box marked "Other".

6. Select the categories for your goods by using the Tariff Guide.

7. Print the actual dollar value of your goods in the space provided beside the applicable category numbers.

8. Note that alcohol and tobacco products can only be declared by a traveler who meets the age requirements of the province where they enter. Beer, wine, liquor: Indicate (A) the actual dollar value of these goods and (B) the applicable quantity (litres or dozen) in the space provided. Cigarettes and tobacco: Indicate (A) the actual dollar value and (B) the quantity (e.g. pack of 20 or 200g) of these goods in the space provided. If the cigarettes or tobacco were made in Canada, check the appropriate box.

9. Sign and date the declaration card.

10. You CANNOT use a TDC to declare the following items: Cigars, cigarillos, OR any cigarettes, loose tobacco or tobacco sticks NOT marked "Canada Duty Paid - Droit Acquitté". In addition, restricted, prohibited or controlled goods or any good requiring a permit can not be declared using a TDC.

11. Personal Exemptions
24-hour absence - $200 exemption
48-hour absence or more - $800 exemption

Indicate how long you have been outside of Canada. To be eligible for an exemption, you must have been away for the full length of time
indicated. If you have been away for less than 24 hours, leave the "Exemption" box blank. You cannot combine exemptions.

TDC Tariff Guide

Categories and Commodities Duty
Category 1
Life jackets and belts
Skates (ice and roller)
Sleeping bags
Textile articles (bedding, linen, towels, curtains)
0% 20% 5%
( * )
Category 2
0% 18% 5%
( * )
Category 3
Basic groceries (non-taxable)
Cakes and pies
Other baked goods (pkgs. of 6 or more)
Canned food goods
Dairy products (maximum $20) including:
– Butter
– Cheese
– Ice cream
– Cream
– Eggs (maximum 2 dozen)
– Yogurt
Fish and seafood
Fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetable juices (large containers)
Meat fresh or frozen (maximum 20 kg) including:
– Chicken (maximum 10 kg)
– Turkey (1 whole or maximum 10 kg of
– Beef and other meats
0% 7% 0% ( ) NA

Category 4
Articles of plastic, rubber, steel, wood
Auto parts
Baby carriages
Beauty aids, cosmetics and toiletries
Bicycles and tricycles
Cookware (stainless steel)
Electrical ranges
Gas barbecues
Golf clubs and balls
Groceries (taxable)

  • Candy
  • Snack foods
  • Soft drinks

Household batteries
Lightbulbs and light fixtures
Lubricating oils
Pot pourri
Sports and exercise equipment
Tools (electric handheld)
Vacuum cleaners
Watches (under $50)
Miscellaneous goods not elsewhere specified
Ceramic tableware (dishes) and kitchenware
Cleansers and other cleaning preparations
Machinery for working wood (wood planer, tablesaw,
Paints and varnishes
Paper products
Pet foods
Photographic film
Single use cameras
Wallets and purses (leather)

0% 8% 5%
( * )

Category 5
Audio and video cassette recorders
Audio and video tapes
Antiques (must exceed an age of 100 years)
Calculators (electronic)
Cameras, lenses and flashes
Clothes dryers
Compact discs
Compact and video disc players
Computers and related equipment

  • Display units
  • Keyboards
  • Modems
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Software (on CD-ROM, disk, tape)

Curling irons
Electric shavers
Fax and answering machines
Glass and glassware
Hair dryers
Irons (clothes)
Microwave ovens
Motorcycle parts
Rice cooker
Sewing machines
Telephones (Portable and cellular)
Tools (pneumatic powered only)
Video cameras
Video games and video game units

0% 8% 5%
( * )
Category 6
PST Exempt Goods
0% 8% 5%
( * )
Category 7
** Values for these
categories will be available
from your local CBSA office.
** Category 8
Beer - per dozen
** Category 9
Wine - per litre
** Category 10
Liqueurs, Liquor - per litre
** Category 11
Cigarettes - per pack of 20
** Category 12
Tobacco - per 200 grams

PST - Provincial Taxes will be collected on these categories where an agreement between the Federal and Provincial governments exists.

( * ) The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will be collected where an agreement exists.

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