Customs Notice 20-30
Export reporting – amending or voiding export declarations


1. On , the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) eliminated the Export Declaration form B13A and no longer accepts this form. In addition, the electronic File Transfer (eFT) used to submit Summary Reports to Statistics Canada is no longer available.

2. All export declarations and Summary Reporting Program (SRP) monthly reports must be submitted electronically through the Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS) Portal.

3. The Canadian Automated Export Declaration (CAED) system will remain a reporting option until its decommissioning on .

4. The G7 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) export reporting method remains unchanged.

5. This customs notice outlines the obligations and processes to amend and void previously submitted export declarations in the event that an exporter, customs services provider or SRP participant is required to modify an export declaration that was reported using one of the eliminated reporting methods.

6. Amendments and voids should be submitted to the CBSA as soon as it is apparent that the export declaration must be amended or voided, and within the following specified timeframes by reporting method:

7. Amendments and voids must also be submitted if the goods have not been exported.

8. Guidance on completing the export declaration amendments and voids by various reporting methods is provided below:

9. Exporters, customs services providers and SRP participants must retain all records related to the export of commercial goods, for a period of six years following the date of exportation, and make such records available to the CBSA upon request.

10. For more information about CERS, please refer to the Canadian Export Reporting System page on the CBSA website or visit the CERS client support contact page.

11. For more information about export reporting, please refer to Memorandum D20-1-1, Export Reporting, Memorandum D3-1-8, Cargo – Export Movements and exporting Goods from Canada.

12. For information about other CBSA programs and services, please contact the Border Information Service (BIS).

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