Time Frames for the Release of Commercial Goods
Customs Notice 18-09


1. The purpose of this notice is to inform importers and customs brokers of an upcoming change in policy, regarding the earliest time frames in which goods may be released.

2. Upon implementation of changes to the house bill process on , goods imported through the commercial process will only be eligible for release upon arrival of the goods at final destination (i.e. arrival at the location where the importer is seeking release).

3. When implemented, the Mode Specific Time Frames as set out in Memorandum, D17-1-4 Release of Commercial Goods, Appendix B – will no longer be applicable.

4. D17-1-4 will then be updated to reflect the new timeframes for the release of commercial goods.

5. Changes to release time frames are required as a result of the amendments to the Reporting of Imported Goods Regulations and the Customs Sufferance Warehouse Regulations which came into force . These amendments established the requirement for carriers and warehouse operators, to electronically notify the CBSA of the arrival of goods. Please refer to Memorandum, D3-1-1, Policy Respecting the Importation and Transportation of Goods, Memorandum, D3-2-1 Air Pre-arrival and Reporting Requirements, Memorandum, D3-3-1 Freight Forwarder Pre-arrival and Reporting Requirements, Memorandum, D3-4-2 Highway Pre-arrival and Reporting Requirements, Memorandum, D3-5-1 Marine Pre-load/Pre-arrival and Reporting Requirements and Memorandum, D3-6-6 Rail Pre-arrival and Reporting Requirements for details on when goods are eligible to be “arrived” and therefore authorized for release.

6. Pre-arrival release options: Importers/brokers can submit Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) to the CBSA as early as 30 days prior to arrival, or an Integrated Importer Declaration (IID) which can be submitted up to 90 days prior to arrival.

7. Post-arrival release options: Importers/brokers can submit a Release on Minimum Documentation (RMD), or an IID after the goods have arrived at their final destination (FPOA or inland sufferance warehouse).

8. The issuance of Administrative Monetary Penalty C274 will no longer be applicable to importers and customs brokers once system changes have been implemented.

9. Inquiries related to this notice may be directed to:

Martin Burtt
Importer and Exporter Programs Unit

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