Transmission of Electronic House Bills for Shipments Transiting Canada
Customs Notice 16-23

Ottawa, November 8, 2016

1. This notice is to advise freight forwarders that until such time as a full eManifest solution for movements transiting Canada has been developed, the CBSA is implementing interim measures for the requirement to submit electronic house bills for the following types of movements transiting Canada:

2. The amended Reporting of Imported Goods Regulations for which the implementation begins for freight forwarder requirements, on November 7th 2016 as per Customs Notice 16-17 - Mandatory Electronic House Bills, requires that freight forwarders transmit electronic house bills for consolidated (including back to back) import, in bond and in-transit shipments.

3. Until such time as the CBSA implements and mandates a complete in-transit solution, the CBSA will:

4. The CBSA will continue to collaborate with external stakeholders in the development of policy, and provide advance notice to freight forwarders and carriers regarding any changes to the transiting (U.S.–Canada–Offshore and Offshore–Canada–U.S.) policy.

5. This notice will be revised shortly with additional clarification regarding the processes to be utilized for these interim measures.

6. For additional information regarding eManifest requirements clients may visit the CBSA website.

7. For email support on eManifest policy and processes, contact the eManifest Help Desk at

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