Features and benefits of the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management initiative

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2. Importers

Release prior to payment (RPP)

CARM Release 2 will require all importers to provide security (by way of surety bond or deposit at the importer level) as a condition of the Release Prior to Payment (RPP) Privilege.

The CARM Client Portal will enable importers to enrol in RPP, view the security posted to their account and monitor their remaining level of financial security. Through CARM, CBSA will assist importers to monitor their level of financial security by sending proactive nudges to increase security or make payment if their account balance approaches their required financial security amount.

What you can do to be ready

Speak with a surety company to obtain a surety bond prior to CARM Release 2. More information on the RPP will be forthcoming. In the meantime, should you have any questions contact CARM Engagement (cbsa.carm_engagement-engagement_de_la_gcra.asfc@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca).

Self-service tools

Through the CARM Client Portal, importers will have access to self-service tools to help them comply with CBSA importation requirements, such as a classification tool to help determine the correct tariff classification of the imported goods and a calculator to assist in estimating the duties and taxes that may be payable to the CBSA.

Delegation of authority

Importers will be able to delegate the management of their importation activities to their service provider (such as customs broker and trade service consultant), via the CARM Client Portal.

Your customs broker may also reach out to you once the CARM Client Portal is available.

What you can do to be ready

Stay informed and plan to create your access to the CARM Client Portal following the launch of CARM Release 1. Visit our website regularly. Subscribe to our newsletter by contacting CARM Engagement (cbsa.carm_engagement-engagement_de_la_gcra.asfc@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca).

Commercial accounting declaration

A new commercial accounting declaration (CAD) will be introduced with CARM Release 2. The CAD will use a new data element map that can be submitted via electronic data interchange (EDI) or the CARM Client Portal.

Once a release decision is rendered, the CAD will be required within five business days of release.  Corrections to the original CAD submission will be permitted up to the payment due date interest-free. Changes to the CAD after the payment due date, otherwise known as adjustments, may be subject to CBSA review.

What you can do to be ready

If you have your own custom software to transmit information to CBSA electronically, you will need to make systems changes. The Electronic Commercial Client Requirements Document will be updated in Spring 2020 to provide more details.

If you will be managing your commercial transactions directly with the CBSA, you will need to set up your portal account following the launch of CARM Release 1.

Billing cycles

CARM Release 2 will introduce an alignment of payment due dates, which will simplify debt management for businesses and ease the administrative burden of managing this process.

For goods in the high-value shipment and low-value shipment streams, payment due date will be ten weekdays (Monday to Friday, inclusive of holidays) after the 17th of the month following the month in which the goods were released.

Depending on your type of importation activity, the following exceptions will apply for submitting the CAD:

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