Private Boats - Frequently asked questions

1. Does CANPASS Private Boats membership allow me to telephone report when entering the United States as well as Canada?

No. CANPASS programs are for travellers entering Canada only. The US may have parallel or similar programs. You should contact US border agencies for further information on this subject.

2. Is CANPASS Private Boats available to Canadian travellers returning from St. Pierre or Miquelon?

No. All CANPASS passages into Canada (by boat or aircraft) must originate in the United States.

3. How do boaters who are not enrolled in CANPASS report to the CBSA?

You must proceed to a Designated Marine Telephone Reporting Station and, upon arrival, call 1-888-226-7277. A customs inspector will then instruct you.

4. What advantages are available to CANPASS Boaters?

CANPASS boaters may call the CBSA up to four hours before arriving in Canada instead of calling only upon arrival. In future, they may be entitled to use additional reporting sites not available to other boaters.

5. Can persons who are not US or Canadian citizens or residents join CANPASS Private Boats?

No. CANPASS programs are available only to citizens and permanent residents of Canada and the US.

6. Would a customs seizure made a highway crossing or an airport disqualify a CANPASS Private Boats applicant?

Yes. Any customs seizure would render an applicant ineligible for the CANPASS Private Boats program for five years from the date it occurred.

7. Do NEXUS Highway members automatically qualify for CANPASS Private Boats?

Not at this time. CANPASS Private Boats is an entirely separate program that requires its own specific application and has its own membership.

8. Can CANPASS Private Boats participants use their privileges to import commercial goods?

No. You may not under any circumstances use your CANPASS privileges when importing commercial goods.

9. Can floatplanes registered in the CANPASS Private Aircraft program land and report at a marina, which is a boat-reporting site only?

No. These marinas are designated as reporting sites for recreational boaters only. Aircraft operators and passengers do not qualify as recreational boaters.

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