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Marine Supplementary Cargo Report – SO687

Data Requirements

The following provides information on Marine Supplementary Cargo Reports (SO687) to assist clients in meeting CBSA requirements:

Marine Supplementary Cargo Report Requirements

As a general rule, containers consigned to freight forwarders require at least one Supplementary Cargo Report.

The marine carrier must be satisfied that the freight forwarder will provide detailed data in a Supplementary Cargo Report within the required timeframes. In such cases, the carrier must provide the freight forwarder with the Cargo Control Number (CCN).

If the carrier is not satisfied that the condition above will not be met, the carrier must obtain the details of the shipment, e.g. actual shipper, ultimate consignee, etc., from the freight forwarder. It is the responsibility of the marine carrier to indicate on their Cargo Report (SO83) that a Supplementary Cargo Report is applicable. Whenever a Supplementary Cargo Report is required, the marine carrier must transmit the Estimated Date and Time of Loading. Note that times must be shown as Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Supplementary Reference Number

The freight forwarder or the carrier who is transmitting the Supplementary Cargo Report will assign the Supplementary Reference Number.

Marine Carrier's Cargo Control Number (CCN) - SO83

The marine carrier's cargo control number (CCN) must appear on all related Supplementary Cargo Reports as it is the link between the Marine Cargo Report and Supplementary Cargo Report.

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