Who is Responsible for Data Transmission?

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Under the ACI program, the CBSA requires all marine and air carriers to transmit, through Electronic Data Interchange, marine/air Conveyance Reports and marine/air Cargo Reports (including Supplementary Cargo Reports where applicable). This is for all vessels and aircrafts that are loaded with commercial goods and that arrive at a port in Canada. The requirement applies to all import, in-transit and freight remaining on board (FROB) shipments.

Although the carrier is responsible for transmitting Cargo Reports, freight forwarders are permitted to transmit Supplementary Cargo Reports directly to the CBSA. For the air mode only, Canadian freight forwarders may transmit Supplementary Cargo Reports for imports, in-transits and FROB, while foreign freight forwarders are only permitted to transmit Supplementary Cargo Reports for in-transit and FROB movements that do not involve a Canadian entity.

Transmission Methods

Marine and air clients, who are marine and air carriers, freight forwarders and other related stakeholders, are required to use an EDI platform to transmit data to the CBSA's host system.

Before submitting an application for EDI services, clients are to ensure that the transmission option chosen is available for the CBSA application they wish to use. The client is responsible for all transmission costs to CBSA.

Read more about the various EDI communication methods or consult the ACI Marine and Air Client Documents. A list of approved EDI service providers capable of providing software/service for the ACI program is also available.

Please note the CBSA does not endorse any particular service and its responsibility is limited to making this information available to clients. Any decision on transmission services is the client's and any agreement to purchase is strictly between the vendor and the client.

Additional Support

To ensure clients have the most recent version of the required documentation, it is important that they register with the Electronic Commerce Unit. Clients must make sure that their e-mail address information is kept up to date. The Unit will provide as much advance notice as possible of major system changes and will notify clients of upcoming changes via e-mail.

Queries or documentation requests should be directed to the Electronic Commerce Unit.

Changes to Data Elements

If the service option or the report identifier requires amendment, the client must delete/cancel their transmission and retransmit a new report.

The report identifier is the:

If any other data element requires amendment, the client is obligated to transmit a change.


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