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Air Supplementary Cargo Report – SO687

Data Requirements

The following provides information on Air Supplementary Cargo Reports (SO687) to assist clients in meeting CBSA requirements.

Air Supplementary Cargo Report Requirements

Supplementary Cargo Reports (SO687) are required when the primary cargo transmission does not contain full cargo details including actual shipper, consignee, an accurate description of goods, etc. . The air carrier has the option of transmitting a Supplementary Cargo Report, or allowing the freight forwarder to transmit the Supplementary Cargo Report on their behalf.

If the air carrier transmits the Supplementary Cargo Report(s), they are responsible to obtain the details of the shipment, e.g. actual shipper, ultimate consignee, etc., from the freight forwarder. It is the responsibility of the air carrier to indicate on their Air Cargo Report that a Supplementary Cargo Report is applicable.

The air carrier, freight forwarder or a third party representative, prepares and transmits the Supplementary Cargo Report (SO687) to the CBSA through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The report must be transmitted electronically to the CBSA at least four hours prior to arrival in Canada. If the flight is less than four hours in duration, the Supplementary Cargo Report must be transmitted to the CBSA before the aircraft's time of departure from the foreign airport.

Note: Freight forwarders still need to provide paper house bills as they do today for deconsolidation shipments.

Supplementary Reference Number

The freight forwarder or the carrier who is transmitting the Supplementary Cargo Report will assign the Supplementary Reference number.

The Supplementary Reference Number for ACI purposes must be different and unique from the cargo control number used on secondary cargo control documents (i.e. house-bill, abstract). This number cannot exceed 25 characters.

Note: the Supplementary Reference Number may not be repeated for a period of three years.

Air Carrier's Cargo Control Number (SO802)

The Air Carrier's cargo control number (CCN) must appear on all Supplementary Cargo Reports as it is the link between the Air Cargo Report and the Supplementary Cargo Report.

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