ACI – Air Mode
Air Split Shipment Report – SO786

Data Requirements

The split shipment process allows carriers to document shipments that were originally manifested as one shipment but split prior to departure due to carrier capacity constraints.

The air carrier, or a representative, prepares and transmits the Split Shipment Report (SO786) to the CBSA through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The report must be transmitted electronically to the CBSA at least four hours prior to arrival in Canada. If the flight is less than four hours in duration, the Split Shipment Report must be transmitted to the CBSA before the aircraft's time of departure from the foreign airport.

The carrier, or a representative, must transmit the Air Cargo Report in order to document the master load noting the manifested quantity. The carrier or representative must then submit each portion of the split using the Split Shipment Report (SO786), noting the conveyance, the boarded quantity and referencing the original master Air Cargo Report.

Supplementary Cargo Reports required for a split shipment will be linked to the master Air Cargo Report (SO802). Therefore, Supplementary Cargo Reports for individual Split Shipments are not required.

Note: the Split Shipment Cargo Report Number assigned by the carrier may be re-used after a period of one year.

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