ACI – Air Mode
Air Risk Assessment Notices

Data Requirements

Risk Assessment (RA) Notices may be issued when the CBSA requires the client to provide more information regarding the cargo, or to provide the client with specific instructions regarding the unloading of cargo.

Similar to reject notices, Risk Assessment notices will include a coded field identifying the reason why the notice was issued and the specific data element requiring clarification or further explanation. In addition, Risk Assessment notices may also include a free text remarks field providing external clients with additional information concerning the coded field or with instructions for the client.

Risk Assessment Notices against Supplementary Cargo Reports (requesting further information), are sent to the originator (with a copy to the carrier if different from originator) so they are able to comply with any instructions issued by the CBSA.

Risk Assessment Notices against Air Cargo Reports will not be sent to the freight forwarder. Therefore, the carrier and freight forwarder must work together to ensure that Risk Assessment Notices are actioned in a timely manner.

CBSA systems will send a Hold or a Hold Cancellation message back to the sender and other relevant parties. Once the message has been translated it is sent out to the party concerned via the same EDI route as the incoming transmission. These messages will reference the Cargo Control Number.

Hold Message

A message resulting from an Air Cargo Report will be sent to the carrier responsible for transmitting the information and, if applicable (in a code share arrangement), to the Transporting Carrier.

A Hold message may be issued subsequent to the loading of the cargo on the conveyance in the foreign port where:

In both cases above, the cargo may be unloaded from the conveyance in Canada but is not authorized to move until permission is granted by the CBSA in the form of a Hold Cancellation message.

Cancellation Message

This type of message may be transmitted to the client(s) any time subsequent to the issuance of Hold message in order to cancel this instruction. A cancellation message will be sent to the recipients of the Hold message as appropriate. If you have not received a Hold - Cancel message, the shipment will be held at the airport, as ordered in the RA notice, until a cancel notification is received.

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