Disclosure of contracts over $10,000
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2016-05-01 - Proactive disclosure of contracts over $10,000 are now available on Canada's Open Government Portal.

Call-up against a standing Offer

A standing offer is not a contract. It is an offer from a supplier to provide goods and/or services at prearranged prices or pricing basis and under set terms and conditions for a specified period on an as-and-when-requested basis. A separate contract is entered into each time a call-up is made against a standing offer. When a call-up is made, the terms and conditions are already in place and acceptance by Canada of the supplier's offer is unconditional. Canada's liability shall be limited to the actual value of the call-ups made within the period specified in the standing offer.

A standing offer number usually follows this format: five characters (a combination of numbers and letters) - six-digit number / three-digit number / two or three letters.

Example: E60PQ-030005/008/PQ

Task Authorization

A task authorization is a document issued against a general contract for a service or project delivery. The general contract has all the terms and conditions to govern the services and describes and identifies parameters of the work to be performed. The task authorization identifies specific work and deliverables and the schedule for completion or delivery. It provides information about how many people will be assigned to the various tasks, their levels, how many hours or days they will be assigned, and prices in accordance with the contract basis of payment.

A task authorization number is made up of ten digits and usually starts with the number "55".

Example: 5545987548


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