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The border is digital

Flight attendants, prepare for landing please.

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As if on cue, you place your seat back and tray table in the full upright position, securely fasten your seat belt and stow away your carry-on luggage… followed by a scramble for a pen as the flight attendant hands out the E311 Declaration cards.

No pen? No problem!

Since March 2017, more than 26 million travellers arriving at one of Canada’s busiest international airports have done away with making a paper declaration and have instead verified their identity and made an on screen declaration using CBSA’s primary inspection kiosks.

With more than 500 kiosks operating in 9 airports across Canada, the CBSA has streamlined the processing of passengers upon arrival. This new technology allows the CBSA to process more travellers per hour, helping to reduce congestion and wait times in airports where air traveller volumes are increasing at a rate of up to 10% annually.

Client-friendly, fully accessible and available in up to 15 languages, CBSA’s primary inspection kiosks get you where you need to be in a hurry.

Whether you’re a globe-trotting business traveller or a family of five visiting Canada for the first time, the free CanBorder – eDeclaration mobile app can save up to an additional 50% off your processing time at the kiosk. Simply download the app prior to boarding, create and save your traveller profile(s), select “My Declaration” and answer the questions. The app will give you a quick response (QR) code to scan at a kiosk upon arrival. And no need to search for a Wi-Fi connection while in the air as the app operates entirely in airplane mode once downloaded.

Upon arrival in Canada, retrieve and scan your quick response (QR) code at a primary inspection kiosk to securely transfer your profile(s) to the screen. You will be prompted to scan your travel document, take a photo and review a summary of the declaration. Upon completion, take the kiosk receipt to a border services officer.

If you don’t have a mobile device, don’t worry. One is not required to make a declaration at an airport with primary inspection kiosks. Select a language when you arrive at the kiosk to start the process.

Located at Ottawa, Edmonton, and Billy Bishop Toronto

Photo of PIK terminals located in Ottawa, Edmonton, and Billy Bishop Toronto airports

Located at Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal, Quebec City, and Winnipeg

Located at Terminal 3 of Toronto Pearson

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