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CBSA’s Immigration Detention Monitoring Program Sees Major Step Forward

The CBSA welcomes feedback on immigration detention as part of its efforts to build a better, fairer system through the National Immigration Detention Framework (NIDF). The CBSA uses feedback from a variety of stakeholders to continually improve detainee treatment and well-being.

In particular, the CBSA relies on a contract with the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) to monitor detention facilities. This helps ensure that immigration detainees are treated humanely and that the CBSA complies with applicable detention standards and international agreements. The first report under that contract has been published. The CBSA has accepted all the recommendations and has provided a management response and action plan.

Ongoing collaboration with the CRC ensures that progress is made in CBSA’s immigration detention facilities. In fact, the CRC has provided detention monitoring services since 1999 to the CBSA and its predecessor, Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

In addition, the CBSA works closely with other stakeholders to ensure it is meeting its objectives outlined under the NIDF. The NIDF supports an immigration system that ensures the humane and dignified treatment of individuals while protecting public safety.

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