COVID-19 actions by the CBSA for travellers arriving by air

Measures taken at the border by the CBSA and its partners to protect Canadians against COVID-19.


The Canada Border Services Agency has made process changes for travellers arriving in Canada by air from international destinations to help protect the safety and security of Canadians.

All travellers, whether or not they present COVID-19 symptoms, are required to wear a non-medical mask or face covering upon entry into Canada.

There are now two checkpoints related to traveller health. The first occurs when travellers disembark the aircraft at the gate, where a Border Services Officer will conduct a primary screening with every traveller and crew member. 

Here, travellers must declare to the officer if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough or shortness of breath. Any traveller that self-declares or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 will be brought to a Quarantine Officer of the Public Health Agency of Canada, located in a pre-designated area of the airport. These travellers presenting symptoms will be provided a 14-day mandatory isolation order. These travellers will not be permitted to board a public conveyance for onward travel, be it a plane, bus, or train.

All travellers arriving in Canada, whether they have symptoms or not, will need to confirm that they have a suitable place to self-isolate where they will have access to basic necessities, and not have contact with vulnerable people, such as those with pre-existing medical conditions and people over 65.

Travellers who do not display or have signs or symptoms of COVID-19 at the first checkpoint will be directed to the second checkpoint at the Primary Inspection area. Here, travellers will be asked questions once again, related to whether or not they are presenting symptoms of COVID-19. If a traveller declares that they have symptoms of COVID-19, they will be referred to a Quarantine Officer of the Public Health Agency of Canada for further examination.

If travellers do not have symptoms of COVID-19, a Border Services Officer will advise them they must quarantine for 14 days and provide them with handouts from the Public Health Agency of Canada, with instructions to follow.

The CBSA is assisting PHAC in their efforts to monitor and enforce compliance of this mandatory quarantine order by collecting traveller contact information for all travellers arriving in Canada. The information collected includes basic traveller biographical, flight, and contact information.

The Government of Canada recently launched the ArriveCAN mobile app on the Google Play and the Apple App stores and these are preferred alternatives to the paper form for the collection of traveller contact information.

Traveller contact information collected by CBSA officers at ports of entry or through the use of the ArriveCAN app, is provided to PHAC, who will determine when and how to share this information with provincial authorities and/or law enforcement, as needed.

Border Services Officers remain vigilant and are highly trained to identify travellers seeking entry into Canada who may pose a health and safety risk of COVID-19.

All Canadians must follow the orders presented by the Border Services Officers upon entry to Canada and strictly adhere to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s measures on physical distancing, isolation, and hand-washing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The CBSA is ensuring that all travellers returning to or arriving in Canada are given these critical instructions that must be followed to protect themselves, their families, and our communities.

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