CBSA surprises birthday girl

Border services officers (BSOs) surprised elementary student Tatiana on her 10th birthday with a glimpse of her dream job. BSO Adina Sopirla showed up at Tatiana's doorstep to take her for a behind-the-scenes tour of CBSA operations at Winnipeg International Airport. Tatiana had previously dressed up as a detector dog handler for a school assignment, and now received a genuine junior CBSA uniform and her own stuffed detector dog. Watch as BSOs in Winnipeg give Tatiana the complete officer experience, from searching luggage to boarding a plane.


Photo of Detector Dog Handler Adrian Lafrenais, Detector Dog Marley, Tatiana and BSO Adina Sopirla in front of baggage carousel.

Text on screen: "Tatiana wants to be a border services officer when she grows up. We thought, why wait till then?"

Video of Officer Sopirla getting out of vehicle and walking up to Tatiana's front door.

Officer Sopirla: Hi, I'm Officer Sopirla. Nice meeting you. Is this your birthday today?

Short video shots in montage of Officer Sopirla and Tatiana:

Text on screen: The CBSA is hiring future border services officers.

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