Border services officer
2. Apply

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We are accepting applications until February 8, 2019. During the selection process you will have the opportunity to select up to three preferred work locations from a list provided by the Agency. The list will include small communities. We will strive to post you to a port of entry within one of the districts you select, but in some cases it may not be possible due to operational changes.

Consult the Directory of CBSA Offices for information regarding potential postings.

Apply now

Keep your application active

When you apply, your application is submitted to an inventory and is not immediately assessed. As resourcing needs arise, applications are pulled and candidates are contacted to begin the selection process.

Applications remain active in the GC Jobs system for 90 days. Fourteen days before your application expires you will receive a notification in the My Jobs menu of your account prompting you to renew it. If you would still like to be considered, you must renew your application it before it expires.

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