Sufferance warehouses
Warehouse Arrival Certification Message (WACM)
Questions and Answers

1. What is WACM?

It is an electronic warehouse arrival certification message (WACM): it is a notification that is sent when unreleased inland cargo arrives at the warehouse.

2. Is WACM mandatory?

WACM became mandatory on , under an amendment to the Customs Sufferance Warehouses Regulations. This requirement replaces the current manual arrival and transfer of liability process at inland destinations that requires warehouse operators to endorse the cargo control document, bill of lading, waybill or other similar document provided by the carrier.

3. Who transmits WACM?

Warehouse operators/owners who receive unreleased goods into their sufferance warehouses must transmit WACM. Warehouse operators must be registered participants in the CBSA’s Release Notification System (RNS), using an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Warehouse operators may use a third party service provider to transmit their arrival messages.

4. Which warehouse types are required to transmit WACM?

This mandatory requirement applies to operators of all types of CBSA-licensed sufferance warehouses.

5. Is the WACM different from a CUSREP message?

No. The WACM is the current RNS messaging.

6. We get error messages when we transmit WACM, what do they mean?

Today notices do not convey the right messages; however, the CBSA will be introducing more notices to facilitate the communication among Trade Chain Partners. If you receive one of the messages below after transmitting WACM, you will have fulfilled your obligation to transmit the warehouse arrival.

7. I am a small warehouse operator and not set up to send electronic notifications, what should I do?

Section 14 of the Customs Sufferance Warehouses Regulations states: “Every licensee shall acknowledge the receipt of goods in the sufferance warehouse by electronic means.” Before this amendment, warehouse operators were allowed to endorse the bill of lading as proof of transfer of liability. Since this is no longer the case, the non-automated sufferance warehouses only have two options to meet this requirement:

8. Is WACM required for Flying Trucks?

Yes. Since Flying Trucks are currently exempt from transmitting eManifest cargo, the Warehouse Operator will get a “ERC 01 – no CCN on file” message. But the CBSA will deem that they have fulfilled their obligation to transmit the warehouse arrival.

9. Is WACM required for non-commercial goods (casual goods) arriving at sufferance warehouse?

Yes, if the non-commercial goods enter Canada on a commercial conveyance (i.e. Settler/Personal effects, retail merchandise sold to an individual and shipped to Canada)

10. Who transmits WACM, the primary or the secondary warehouse?

WACM is sent by the warehouse operator whose sublocation code is the final destination of the cargo. The Warehouse Operator can use the services of a third party service provider if they choose.

11. Is WACM required for split-shipments?

WACM will only be required on the Cargo Control Number (CCN) after the arrival of the last split.

12. For multiple containers documented under one cargo control document for importation, but will be arriving into the warehouse at different times, when does the warehouse operator send the WACM?

The warehouse operator will arrive the CCN when the first container physically arrives at the warehouse, as long as all of the containers are physically in Canada.

13. Is WACM required for paper cargo control documents (i.e. re manifests, A8A, house bills) or for shipments with an exception or exemption to eManifest data?

Yes, WACM is required for all paper cargo control. The warehouse Operator will get a “ERC 01 – no CCN on file” message when transmitting a WACM for a paper controlled shipment. But the CBSA will deem that they have fulfilled their obligation to transmit the warehouse arrival.

14. If I am set up for RNS do I have to re-apply for WACM?

No. The RNS arrival message and the WACM are to same thing. If you are set up for RNS arrival messaging there is no additional set up until the messages change at eManifest end-state.

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