Guide to exporting commercial goods from Canada:
Classifying your exports

3. Classifying your exports

Once you have determined that the goods may be exported and that you need to submit an export declaration, you must classify the goods. Depending on your method of reporting, either the Statistics Canada eight-digit Canadian Export Classification number or the ten-digit Canadian Tariff Classification number may be used.

If you are using CAED to submit your declaration, you must use the eight-digit Canadian Export Classification number. The Canadian Export Classification number is based on an international six-digit 'root' with an additional two digits for Canadian domestic purposes for a total of eight digits.

To obtain the eight-digit Canadian Export Classification number:

To obtain the ten-digit Tariff Classification Number:

For more information on the methodology for classifying goods according to the Customs Tariff, refer to Memorandum  D10-13-1, Classification of Goods.

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