OGD Interface

The OGD Interface is a joint initiative between the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and other government departments (OGDs) and agencies wishing to receive release information electronically on commercial import data.

Instead of presenting paper packages at the office of release, importers and brokers who have gone through the required testing can send transactions with OGD requirements electronically.

Participating OGDs

Registration and Testing

Importers and brokers can register to test the OGD Interface system.

You must be an existing release client with the CBSA to test the OGD service options. To become a release client, refer to the Procedures for Becoming an EDI Client.

Clients registered with the CBSA who are already set up to transmit EDI (electronic data interchange) releases are encouraged to test these OGD service options.



The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)/ACROSS interface allows importers and brokers to transmit release information on CFIA-regulated goods to the CBSA that in turn transmits this information to the CFIA. Once the CFIA has made its decision regarding the admissibility of the goods, the CFIA transmits its decision directly to the CBSA inspector. The CBSA then makes a final decision.


Benefits of this interface include the following:

Automated Import Reference System

The Automated Import Reference System (AIRS) is an important part of the CFIA/ACROSS interface. Through this system, importers and brokers have easy access to current information on agricultural import requirements. The system also allows them to quickly determine the additional data (codes) that must be included in the EDI release message.

CFIA Contacts

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