Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Systems
Marine Export Reporting Application Form

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Section I – Company Information

Company Profile:

Company Official’s Name (printed)

Company Official’s Signature

Canadian Business Office (if different from Head Office):

Section II – Communication Method Information

For more information on the approved communication methods, please consult the following link: www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/eservices/comm-eng.html

If your company is using a service provider to exchange data with the CBSA, please complete this block. Note that you will need to contact your service provider to obtain the required information below.

If your company will be exchanging data directly with the CBSA, please complete this block

Section III Agent Information

Complete this section if you have contracted the services of an Agent to act on your behalf. Please note that the obligation to provide information required by the Customs Act and any related regulation to the CBSA is the sole responsibility of the client regardless of whether an agent is used. It is your responsibility to advise the CBSA should/when you wish to cancel authorization for this agent.

Completed forms can be sent:

by FAX: (343) 291-5482

by mail:
Manager, Technical Commercial Client Unit
Program Business System Integration
Canada Border Services Agency
355 North River Road, 6th Floor, Tower B,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0L8

via e-mail: tccu-ustcc@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

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