System Outage Contingency Plan
Multiple shipment release query

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Transaction number
or Cargo Control Number
Barcoded cargo control number OR transaction number
Must be CBSA machine readable
For CBSA use only
R = Released
NR = Not released
12345001495785 barcode 12345-001495785  
12345001495786 barcode 12345-001495786  
12345001495787 barcode 12345-001495787  
12345001495788 barcode 12345-001495788  
12345001495789 barcode 12345-001495789  

CBSA Stamp


This form was introduced with the deployment of the CBSA Systems Outage Contingency

The purpose of the form is to reduce the paper burden and streamline the querying of release statuses during outages that impact RNS notices. This form may be used when EDI linkages are down and ACROSS is operational.  Note, the CBSA is unable to provide the status of release when ACROSS is not functional.

Usage of the form



When completed and stamped by the CBSA this form provides proof of release for only those transactions indicated as released per the above. 

This form may be accepted by carriers and warehouse operators as proof of release in order to allow the movement of shipments during contingency periods.  When systems resume release notices will be transmitted.

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