Scams Using CBSA Credentials

How do I recognize a scam?

The CBSA never initiates a request for personal or financial information, such as a Social Insurance Number (SIN) or credit card, by a telephone call or email. If you receive a telephone call or an email requesting payments or personal information, it is a strong indicator of a scam.

In some cases, these scams use false CBSA information. Telephone calls may display numbers and employee names that appear to be from the CBSA. Emails may contain CBSA logos, email addresses or employee names and titles to mislead the readers.

Beware – Scammers posing as CBSA personnel

Protect yourself against fraud! People claiming to work for the CBSA are contacting victims by phone, email, text and other means to lure them into providing personal information. This is a scam. The CBSA never requests social insurance or credit card numbers by telephone or email.

What do I do?

Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

What else can I do?

Make sure you recognize the signs of fraud and take action. Find out more on the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website.

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