Perimeter security and economic competitiveness
Trade Facilitation, Economic Growth and Jobs

The free flow of goods and services between Canada and the United States creates immense economic benefits for both countries. Joint initiatives under the Action Plan will help trusted businesses and travellers move efficiently across the border, facilitate cross-border trade while reducing the administrative burden, and invest in improvements to our shared border infrastructure and technology.

For more information on the full list of deliverables under the joint Action Plan, please visit Public Safety Canada’s Beyond the Border Action Plan Web site.

Bi-National Port Operations Committees

These Committees have been established at 20 Canada/U.S. land borders and, under the Beyond the Border Action Plan, have been expanded to Canada’s eight major international airports to improve the flow of travel and trade.

Trusted Trader Programs

A common framework for trusted trader programs will align program requirements, enhance member benefits, and provide applicants with the opportunity to submit one application to multiple programs. For more information, please see the Trusted Trader Programs overview video.

Single Window

This initiative will provide a single window through which importers can electronically submit all information to comply with customs and other participating government agency regulations.

For more information, please visit our Single Window Initiative Web page.

Low Value Shipment Threshold

Harmonized low-value shipment processes will expedite customs administration. For more information, please see the Courier Low Value Shipment Program Web page.

NEXUS Benefits

The CBSA has harmonized benefits and enhanced facilities for NEXUS members. For more information, please visit our NEXUS Web page.

Radio Frequency Identification Technology

Radio Frequency Identification technology at select land border crossings will enhance border security and streamline traveller processing.

Small and Remote Ports of Entry

The CBSA is coordinating plans for physical infrastructure upgrades at small and remote ports of entry. For example, a pilot project at Morses Line, Quebec, allows travellers entering Canada to benefit from extended hours of service.

Border Wait Time Technology

Border wait time measurement systems at high priority Canada-United States border crossings help travellers and businesses better plan their border crossings.

Pre-inspection and Preclearance

Additional pre-inspection and preclearance initiatives will help the flow of legitimate trade and travel.

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