2016-17 Departmental Results Report - Canada Border Services Agency
Internal audits and evaluations

Internal Audits Completed in 2016–17
Title of internal audit Internal audit type Completion date
Audit of Information Management Internal controls June 2016
Audit of Access to Information and Privacy Internal controls January 2017
Audit of Immigration Enforcement Internal controls February 2016
Audit of Business Continuity Planning Internal controls February 2016
Evaluations in Progress or Completed in 2015–16
Title of evaluation Status Deputy head approval date Link to the organization's program(s)
Evaluation of the CBSA Anti-dumping and Countervailing Program Completed December 2016
  • Anti-dumping and countervailing
Evaluation of the Trusted Traveller Programs (Air, Land, Marine) Completed June 2017
  • Trusted Traveller
Evaluation of Commercial Processing in the Air Mode In progress July 2017
  • Commercial Facilitation
  • Commercial Compliance
Evaluation of the Traveller Processing Marine In progress July 2017
  • Traveller Facilitation
  • Traveller Compliance
Evaluation of the Recourse Program In progress July 2017
  • Recourse
Evaluation of Arming In progress December 2017
  • Force Generation
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