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ARCHIVED - Status Report on Projects Operating with specific Treasury Board Approval

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This table is not intended to report project-like activities or initiatives funded in accordance with the Policy on Transfer Payments. Projectsare defined as a set of activities required to produce certain defined outputs, or to accomplish specific goals or objectives, within a defined schedule and resource budget. The government’s policies governing the management of projects apply to any project for which the federal government will be:

  • the owner of the end product;
  • the prime user of the end product; or
  • the entity responsible for delivering the product, including managing a contract or contracts for that purpose.

Departments and agencies having projects that exceed their project approval limits, for which funds were used during the reporting period, must complete this table. For departmental approval authorities, please refer to Appendix E of the Project Approval Policyand Appendix A of the Policy on the Management of Projects.

Status Report on Projects Operating with Specific Treasury Board

Project 1. Original Estimated Total Cost ($thousands) 2. Revised Estimated Total Cost ($thousands) 3. Actual Cost Total ($thousands) 2012–2013 ($thousands) 8. Expected Date of Close-Out
4. Main Estimates 5. Planned Spending 6. Total Authorities 7. Actual
Internal Services
Implementation and Development                
Air Cargo 2,567 2,567 1,141 2,290 2,594 603 94 2013-2014
eManifest 19,800 19,800 15,839 2,290 2,594 2,594 2,299 2014-2015
Total Internal Services 22,367 22,367 16,980 2,290 2,594 3,197 2,393  
Risk Assessment
Implementation and Development                
Air Cargo 11,359 11,359 5,681     2,990 2,028 2013-2014
eManifest 316,801 316,801 253,422 36,637 41,506 41,506 36,781 2014-2015
Total Risk Assessment 328,160 328,160 259,103 36,637 41,506 44,496 38,809  
Revenue and Trade Management
Initial Planning and Identification                
CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management 340,477 340,477 18,032 20,226 20,226 20,226 11,596 2019-2020
Total Revenue and Trade Management 340,477 340,477 18,032 20,226 20,226 20,226 11,596  
Admissibility Determination
Implementation and Development                
eManifest 59,400 59,400 47,516 6,870 7,782 7,782 6,896 2014-2015
Analysis and Design                
Temporary Resident Biometrics Project 12,672 12,672 10,000 2,100 2,100 4,200 2,400 2013-2014
Total Admissibility Determination 72,072 72,072 57,516 8,970 9,882 7,782 9,296  
Total 763,075 763,075 351,631 68,123 74,208 75,701 62,093  

Instructions for Completingthe Status Report on Projects Operating with Specific Treasury Board Approval Table

Note: When completing the table, please do not include the numbers that refer to the instructions (e.g., “Original Estimated Total Cost,” not “1. Original Estimated Total Cost”).

  1. Original Estimated Total Cost: The total cost estimate for the project contained in the very first Treasury Board decision.
  2. Revised Estimated Total Cost: The most recent Treasury Board decision for total project cost.
  3. Actual Cost Total: All expenditures to date, including the reporting period.
  4. Main Estimates: The amount of funding sought through the Main Estimates process.
  5. Planned Spending: The amount should include any updates to funding provided through the Main Estimates (i.e., Supplementary Estimates).
  6. Total Authorities: Refers to the project authorities for the current year as approved by the Treasury Board.
  7. Actual: Total amount spent during the current reporting year.
  8. Expected Date of Close-Out: The year in which the project is expected to be completed.