Canada Border Services Agency - Blueprint 2020 Report - December 2018

Blueprint 2020 is the Government of Canada-wide initiative that encourages all federal public servants to develop ideas to transform the Public Service over the long term. It empowers everyone to take action and guides public servants as they work to improve the lives of Canadians.

Each year, the Clerk of the Privy Council asks departments/agencies to share stories about their respective efforts to renew and transform the Public Service. At the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), we continue to modernize and transform to deliver high-quality border services for Canadians and help realize the vision of Blueprint 2020. This year, the Clerk has asked for stories that demonstrate a Public Service that is Agile, Inclusive and Equipped.

The Report to the Clerk is our chance to celebrate the dedication of our employees and to put a spotlight on their contributions to the Agency and to Canada. We are excited to share some of the Agency’s story in this report, and we look forward to featuring more stories here over the coming months!

Chain of Trust Prototype

The Canada Border Services Agency is testing an exciting process that will enable air travellers to have a “touchless” experience when passing through Canadian airports on their international trips. Under the Chain of Trust process, your identity would be captured on a combination of technologies, so that you would be free to proceed through the steps of your trip without having to interact with border services officers.

International to International In-Transit: Meeting the challenges and opportunities of globalization

This pilot project, launched in February 2018, involves leveraging existing technologies and streamlining airport border procedures to ensure that passengers who are simply transiting through Canadian airports no longer have to undergo the process of being admitted to Canada.

Mobile NEXUS Enrollment Events: – Innovating and adapting to meet demand

The enduring popularity of NEXUS has resulted in some administrative challenges to meet demand. To address this issue, CBSA officials in Washington D.C. have been working together with CBP Trusted Traveller Programs, the Embassy of Canada and Canadian Consulates in the United States to organize, promote and run a series of mobile NEXUS enrollment events.


Secure Corridor Concept - Trusted Trader Pilot

The Canada Border Services Agency recently implemented the Secure Corridor Concept – Trusted Trader Pilot at the Ambassador Bridge Port of Entry in Windsor, Ontario, to test the viability of a suite of technologies to process commercial traffic remotely. The aim is to expedite the passage of low-risk, trusted commercial shipments.


Implementation of the Indigenous Affairs Secretariat

The Indigenous Affairs Secretariat was established in 2018 to provide an Indigenous lens and guidance on matters relating to how the Agency’s people, policy, operations and engagement activities affect Indigenous Peoples.


Building the future through student experiences

The Agency’s Human Resources Branch established the Student Experience Office to enhance students’ experiences during their time at the Agency.

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