Forward Regulatory Plan: 2018-2020
Arctic Shipping Electronic Commercial Clearance (ASECC) Program

Description of the objective

The objective of the program is to facilitate the clearance of commercial marine vessels in the Arctic while ensuring the safety and security of Canadians. This will be done through virtual electronic reporting. The program will offer approved carriers the benefits of reporting their presence electronically (virtually) without being required to physically report at the nearest designated CBSA office/port, provided that the carriers have met all reporting conditions and have received prior approval to go to Arctic sites.

As a result of the increasing number of commercial marine vessels arriving in the Arctic, and with limited designated customs offices and facilities to process commercial vessels in the Arctic, a policy is required in order that commercial vessels, cargo and crew destined for Arctic sites undergo the appropriate process (risk assessment, provision of clearance and, in some cases, examination).

Enabling Authority

Indication of business impacts

There may be business impacts. The "One-for-One" Rule and/or the Small Business Lens may apply.

Public consultation opportunities

The CBSA is in consultation with the Shipping Federation of Canada, the British Columbia Chamber of Shipping and other government departments.

The results of these consultations will appear on this webpage at a later date

Departmental Contact

Mike Junek
Programs Branch
Canada Border Services Agency
Tel: 613-954-7507

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