Partners in Protection

PIP Members are companies that have been approved in the new, strengthened PIP program that took effect on June 30th, 2008.

Note: Only members that have given permission to publish their names are included / listed.

The CBSA has signed agreements with:

Company Name Operating As
046643 NB Ltd. Bestway Transport
1012582 Ontario Limited Pace Marathon
1015078 Ontario Ltd. Dove Creek Motor Express
1046252 Ontario Inc Lease-Serv Transportation
1067273 Ontario Inc. KBD Transportation
109652 Canada Ltd Ruby International
1129387 Ontario Limited Oakwood Transport
1136724 Ontario Inc. Custom Trux & Equipment Sales
1137254 Ontario Ltd. Virdi Trucking Company
1167554 Ontario Inc. Oxford Enterprises
1204831 Ontario Ltd. West Coast Transportation
1210841 Ontario Ltd Flash Freight Systems
1220180 Ontario Inc. Rapid Delivery USA
1226934 ONTARIO LTD Westayr Transportation Systems
1235496 Ontario Inc. ACS Logistics Transportation Inc.
1262380 Ontario Limited FF Express Inc
1266192 Ontario Limited Onfreight Logistics
1266604 Ontario Inc. Terry Vogler Trucking
1307619 Ontario Ltd. Diamond Transport
1313897 Alberta Inc.  
1315435 Ontario Inc. Harster Trucking
131853 Canada Inc. Maltais Transport
1329668 Ontario Limited Moe's Transport Trucking
133678 Canada Inc. Nomade Transport
135770 Canada Ltée Ébénisterie St-Patrick
1358492 Ontario Inc. Vanguard Global Services
137049 Canada Inc. Maisliner
1411337 Ontario Inc. Doyle Transportation
141200 Canada Ltd. P & B Transport
1423004 Ontario Inc. Paul Quail Transport
1425301 Ontario Limited JGE Transport
1432334 Ontario Inc. Preferred Towing
1445913 Ontario Inc HGC
1456408 Ontario Inc K-Motion
146814 Canada Limitée Transport VTL
1486151 Ontario Limited Diverse Transportation
1498211 Ontario Limited Premier Bulk Systems
1507953 Ontario Inc. Grant Transport
151817 Canada Inc Transport Denlo
152207 Canada Inc. TTR Transport
1522079 Ontario Limited Jeff Fields Trucking
1527530 Ontario Inc. M&M Carriers Inc.
1531327 Ontario Ltd. AC Transport
1542300 Ontario Inc ASR Transportation
1566867 Ontario Limited United Way Transport
1578458 Ontario Limited The Messengers International
1579901 Ontario Inc. ASL Global Logistics
1605692 Ontario Inc. DesRosiers Transport
1625443 Ontario Inc. T.V.M. Ltd.
1628939 Ontario Ltd P&D Freightlines
1633108 Ontario Inc. Pearl Global Logistics
1660513 Ontario Inc. LJW Tank Lines
1673755 Ontario Inc REXWAY TRANSPORT
1691530 Ontario Limited  
1787930 Ontario Inc. Messenger Freight Systems
1793710 Ontario Inc Canada Road Carrier
1869069 Ontario Inc. Aramco Transportation
2016415 Ontario Ltd. Silverline Logistics
2027467 Ontario Inc. Cargo Direct Intl Corp.
2044844 Ontario Inc. Kooner Transport Inc
2061411 Ontario Inc. Prime Truckline
2067485 Ontario Inc Trillium Roadways
2081229 Ontario Inc. SimConnect Freight Management
2083684 Ontario Inc. Nationwide Logistics
2102973 Ontario Inc. Euro Link Logistic
2107622 Ontario Inc. Ideal Logistics Group
2132135 Ontario Ltd JOT Truckline
2210310 Ontario Inc Dynamic Freight Haulers
2235016 Ontario Inc Seaport Intermodal
2276483 Ontario Inc Brock Cartage
2291163 Ontario Inc RIMS Transport-Windsor
2426-4749 Quebec Inc. Krystel Transport
2635-8762 Quebec Inc Express Mondor
2701545 Canada Inc. Prince Movers /Logistics
2736-3811 Quebec Inc Ramagex
2810026 Canada Limited Frederick Freight
2Source Manufacturing Inc  
3101517 Canada Inc. Win-Mar Freight Systems
3230473 Canada Inc Wellton Express Inc
354341 Alberta Ltd. Don Needham Trucking
363527 Ontario Ltd. Arrow Mailing
374872 Ontario Ltd. Transport Sales & Service
3909973 Manitoba Inc. Professional Freight Management
3M Canada Company  
410648 Ontario Limited Woodcock Brothers
4186397 Canada Inc. Canadian Freightways
4207785 Canada Inc. YU Express
440411 Ontario Ltd. T.D. Smith
441861 Ontario Ltd. Ivan Armstrong Trucking
452056 Ontario Ltd. Robinson Transport & Warehouse
46134 BC Ltd. West Line Trucking Ltd.
514189 NB Ltd. Focus Logistics Ltd.
531442 Ontario Inc. Frontier Distributing
548937 Ontario Ltd. BMD Transportation
557317 BC LTD. T-Lane Transportation & Logistics
591182 Ontario Ltd. Wolverine Freight System
6046606 Canada Inc Bgs Transport
6129005 Canada Inc., JV Bulk Transport
613734 Saskatchewan Ltd. Time Line Logistic
615315 Saskatchewan Ltd. J.B.M. Logistics
617436 BC Ltd Freight Link Express
621189 Ontario Inc Larway Transportation
6233317 Canada Inc. Rockwell Truck Line
6245820 Canada Inc. G.T. INTERMODAL
634188 BC Ltd Landmark Logistics
640647 Ontario Inc. Wayne Bowen
6475485 Canada Inc Xpress Canada
651093 Ontario Ltd Trans-Ontario Express
655661 Ontario Inc. TST Solutions Inc./TST Uniline
666248 Ontario Ltd Apra Truck Lines
669779 Ontario Ltd. CSA Transportation
671816 Ontario Inc. G.W. McPherson Trucking
671943 Ontario Inc. Stonehaven Farms Transportation
673753 Ontario Limited Traffix
6803512 Canada Inc. Elite Freightlines
682439 Ontario Inc. ProNorth Transportation
689786 Ontario Inc. Magic Transportation
693207 Ontario Inc. Finnerty Equipment Inc.
7013990 Canada Inc. Trans 99 Logistics
7179472 Canada Inc. Young Transportation American Division
77 System Transport Inc  
809298 Ontario Inc. Hawks Transport
882819 Ontario Ltd. Morrice Transportation
88604 Canada Inc. & Cullen Consulting Services Ltd. Locher Evers International et al
888156 Ontario Inc. Westland Transportation Inc.
9047-9106 Quebec Inc. Express J.W.
90495615 Quebec Inc. Transport Lessard International
9051-4522 Quebec Inc. Rajpura Transport
9052-9025 Quebec Inc VTL Transport
9061-1138 Quebec Inc. Transport Pierre Lacroix
9061-4546 Quebec  Inc. Transport Lessard 2000 Inc.
9097-9998 Québec Inc Transport A  ET C Bourgault
9101-6675 Québec Inc. Transport Roger Ouellet
9105-2563 Quebec Inc. Three Stars Express
933387 Ontario Ltd. Remex Express
933796 ONTARIO INC. Carmen Transport
93754 Canada Ltd PT Entreprises
990009 Ontario Ltd.  
A & A Contract Customs Brokers Ltd  
A H Tallman Bronze Company Limited  
A.D. Transport Express Inc.  
A.G.O. Transportation Inc  
a.hartrodt Canada Ltd Cargo Alliance
A.Lassonde Inc.  
A.P. Giesbrecht Trucking Inc.  
A.S.T. and Logistics Inc  
abbeyWood Moving & Storage Inc.  
Abco International Freight Inc.  
ABF Freight System, Inc.  
ACAM Transport Inc.  
Access Air Inc.  
Accord Tranpsortation Ltd.  
Accucaps Industries Limited  
Accuride Canada Inc.  
Ace City Inc.  
Ace Forwarding Inc.  
ACGI Shipping Inc. formerly Greer Shipping Ltd.
ACIC Fine Chemicals Inc.  
Action Airport Express Inc.  
Action Service en Douane Inc  
Active Transport Inc.  
Actreg North America  
Adaptaide Inc.  
Adaptall Inc.  
Administration Lver Inc. La Vie en Rose International Inc.
Advance Distribution Logistics International ADLI Logistics
Advance Reload Ltd.  
Advantex Express Inc.  
Adventure Lights Inc.  
Aerostream Cargo Services Ltd.  
Affiliated Customs Brokers Ltd  
Aftim Transport Ltd.  
AG Professional Hair Care Products Ltd AG Hair Cosmetics
Aggressive Transport Ltd  
Agility Logistics Co.  
Agility Recovery Solutions Ltd  
AGJunction Inc.  
Agri-Tel Transportation Inc.  
Agrium Agrium Partnership
Air Canada  
Airport Cargo Warehouse Inc.  
AirTime Express Inc.  
Albion Fisheries Ltd.  
Alchemist Specialty Carriers Inc.  
Alco Transportation Inc.  
All Set Transport Ltd.  
Alltrans Logistics Inc.  
Alphacasting Inc.  
Alta Pacific Transport Ltd.  
Altanic Transportation Inc.  
Altius Spices and Seasonings Inc.  
AM Transport Ltd.  
AMA Trans Inc  
AM-CAN Transport Service LLC Greatwide Dedicated
Ameri-Can Freight Systems Inc.  
Amex Freight Inc.  
Amtex (YARN) Manufacturing Inc.  
Anachemia Canada Co. Anachemia Science; Mines Assay Supplies
Anchor Bay Express LLC  
Anderson Transportation Services Inc.  
Anderson Watts Ltd.  
Andy Stieva Trucking Ltd.  
Andy Transport Inc  
Aquatrans Distributors Inc.  
Arbo Engineering Inc.  
ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.  
ARG Trucking, Corp.  
Argus Carriers Ltd.  
Aritzia LP  
Arkema Canada Inc.  
Armour Transport Inc. Armour Transportation Systems
Armstrong World Industries Canada Ltd.  
Arneg Canada Inc  
Arnold Bros Transport Ltd.  
Arnprior Aerospace Inc.  
Arthur Transport Co. Inc  
AstraZeneca Canada Inc.  
ATI Technologies ULC  
Atlantic Aqua Farms Partnership Atlantic Aqua Farms
Atlantic Container Line AB ACL
Atlantica Diversified Transportation Systems  
Atlantis Transportation Services Inc.  
Atlas Tube Canada ULC  
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited  
Aurum Ceramic Dental Laboratories Ltd.  
Auscan Melaleuca Ltd.  
Autobahn Freight Lines Ltd.  
Auto-Camping Ltd.  
Autoneum Canada Ltd.  
Averitt Express Inc.  
Axion Reaction Inc.  
Axxess International Courtiers en douanes Inc. Axxess International
B I Logistics Services Inc. BILSI
B.A.Richard Ltd.  
B.J. Bear Grain Co. Ltd.  
B.N. Dulay's Trux Ltd.  
B.R. Williams Trucking, Inc.  
B2B Freightway Inc.  
Bakke's Trucking Ltd.  
Balram Trucking Ltd  
Bankers Pen (1991) Inc. Spector & Co, Spector Image
BASF Canada Inc. (BCI) BASF Canada (BCa)
Bauer Hockey Corp.  
Baumann Trucking Co. Ltd.  
Bay Brokerage Inc.  
BDP Canada ULC  
BDR International Ltd.  
Becton Dickinson Canada Inc.  
Beler Holdings Inc. BHI
Bell-Trans Systems Inc  
Benmark Trucking Ltd.  
Berry & Smith Trucking Ltd.  
Bert and Son's Cartage Limited  
Bert Baxter Transport Ltd.  
Bessette & Boudreau Inc.  
Beyond Transportation Inc.  
Bezco Trucking Inc.  
BGL Brokerage LTD  
Bic Inc  
Big Freight Systems Inc.  
Big Iron Transport (1997) Inc.  
Bill Thompson Transport Inc.  
Binus and Garrett Limited  
Bison Diversified Inc. Bison Transport Inc.
Blackberry Limited  
Black's Transfer Ltd.  
BLM Deck Division Inc.  
Boeing Canada Operations Ltd. Boeing Canada Winnipeg
Bogdane Trucking Ltd. Trucking Company
Bolt Express, LLC  
Bombardier Inc. Bombardier Aerospace / Bombardier Aéronautique
Bombardier Recreational Products Inc BRP
Bonduelle Canada Inc.  
Bonduelle Ontario Inc. Bonduelle Amérique du Nord / Bonduelle North America
Bonneau Transportation Service Inc. BTS
Boston Creek Transport Ltd.  
Bourret International Inc.  
Bowling Green Freight, Inc.  
Bradeck Enterprises Ltd.  
Braden Burry Expediting  
Brasseur Transport Inc. Brunac
Bravo Logistics Corp Bravo Logistics
Brennan Farms Ltd.  
Brian Kurtz Trucking Ltd.  
Brian Pite Freight Inc. Brian Pite Freight
Bridge Carriers Inc.  
Bridgeland Terminals Limited  
Bristol Machine Works Ltd.  
Briway Carriers Inc.  
Bronco Transportation Systems Inc.  
Brookville Carriers Flatbed GP  
Bruce R. Smith Limited  
BTC Express Inc.  
BTT Express Inc.  
Buckland Customs Brokers Limited  
Buckley Cartage Limited  
Budford Shaw Trucking Inc.  
Buhler Versatile Inc.  
Bulk Carriers (P.E.I.) Limited  
Bunge Canada  
Bushell Transport Company Ltd.  
Butterworth's Industries Ltd. Butterworth's Transport
C.A.C. 3000 Inc.  
C.C. Enterprises Ltd.  
C.H. Express Inc.  
C2C Global Transportation Inc.  
Cal-Ark International Inc.  
Calframax Technologies Inc.  
Calgary Customs Brokers Ltd.  
Caltex Trucking Canada-USA Ltd.  
Cam Hiltz Trucking Ltd.  
Cameco Corporation  
Campbell Freight Inc. Campbell Freight
CAN Trans Xpress Inc.  
Canaan Transport Group Inc.  
Canada Cartage System Limited Partnership  
Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited CCC and CCC Plastics
Canadian American Transportation C.A.T. Inc.  
Canadian Electrocoating Ltd.  
Canadian Industrial Distributors Inc.  
Canadian National Railway  
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.  
Canadian Tire Corporation  
Canadian Wheat Board CWB
Canado Nacan Équipements Inc.  
Canado Nacan Secur-T Inc.  
Can-Am West Carriers Inc.  
Canaroute Inc. Canaroute Transport
Caneda Forest Products Sales Ltd. Caneda Transport Inc.
Canex Freight Systems Inc.  
Canfab Packaging Inc  
Cangene Corporation  
Canon Canada Inc.  
Canpar Transport L.P.  
Canplas Industries Ltd  
Cansea Transport Inc.  
Cantus Logistics Inc  
CANUSA Transportation Ltd.  
Cap sur Mer Inc  
Cape Bald Packers Ltd.  
Capital Southern Transportation Inc.  
CapsCanada® Corporation  
Caravan Logistics Inc.  
Cardinal Health Canada Inc.  
Carestream Health Canada Company Provides medical and dental imaging systems; and non-destructive testing products.
Carey Leasing Ltd.  
Cargolution Transitaire International  
Carmel Transport International Ltd  
Carmeuse Lime Canada Same
Carrier Canada Div of UTC Canada Corporation (Carrier Canada) Carrier Canada
Carrot Express Ltd.  
Carson Customs Brokers Ltd. Carson International
Cart-All Express Inc.  
Carter Express, Inc.  
Case New Holland Saskatoon CNH Canada
Cassidy's Transfer & Storage Ltd.  
Caveman Transport Ltd  
Cavendish Agri Services Limited  
CCT Auto-Trans Inc.  
CDI International Inc.  
Celadon Canada Inc.  
Celadon Trucking Services, Inc.  
Celestica International Inc  
Central Door & Access Systems Inc.  
Central Oregon Trucking Co., Inc.  
Central Stampings Ltd.  
Central Transport, LLC Central Transport Canada
Cerescorp Company  
Certified Delivery Service Inc.  
Ceva Freight Canada Corp.  
Ceva Logistics Canada, ULC  
Challenger Motor Freight Inc.  
Chantler Transport Inc.  
Chapple Fuels Limited  
Charger Logistics Inc.  
Charter Brokerage Canada Corp.  
Charwen Carriers Inc.  
Cheeseman LLC  
China Shipping (Canada) Agency Co., Ltd. China Shipping Container Lines (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Churchill Transportation Inc.  
C-IN2 Clothing Company Inc  
Circul-Aire Inc.  
Cirque du Soleil Inc.  
Cisco Systems Canada Co.  
Citilogistics Inc.  
Claire's Delivery Service Ltd.  
Clariant (Canada) Inc.  
Clarke Road Transport Inc.  
Clear Customs Brokers Limited  
Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership Clearwater Lobster
Click Express Inc.  
Client Transport Inc.  
CMC Electronics Inc.  
Coastal Pacific Xpress Inc.  
Cole Carriers Corporation  
Cole International Inc.  
Colin Dobbin Farms Ltd. Dobbin Transportation
Colonial Elegance Inc. Colonial Elegance
Colonial Tool Group Inc.  
Comeau's Sea Foods Limited  
Commercial Freight Service Inc.  
Commercial Transport (Northern) Ltd.  
Commonwealth Home Fashions  
Como Diffusion (2008) Inc.  
Compass Rose International Transportation Inc.  
Conceptromec Export Inc.  
Conceptromec Inc.  
Concord Transportation Inc.  
Congébec (Ste-Julie) Inc. Congébec (Ste-Julie) Inc.
Congébec Inc.  
Congil Truck Lines Ltd.  
Connors Transfer Limited  
Container Graphics Limited  
Contract Express Limited  
Contrans Flatbed Group GP Inc.  
Con-Way Freight Inc.  
Cooney Transport Ltd. The Cooney Group of Companies
Cooney's Farm Services Ltd.  
Copol International Ltd  
Cordell Transportation Company LLC  
Coroplast Coroplast/div. of Great Pacific Enterprises Inc.
Corporation Scientifique Claisse Inc  
County Line Trucking Ltd.  
Craler International Inc.  
Crossline Carriers Inc.  
CRS Express Inc.  
CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc  
CSX Transportation, Inc.  
CTX, Inc.  
Culberson Trucking Ltd.  
Curran's Trucking Ltd.  
Custom Plastics International Ltd  
Custom Services International Ltd. CSI
Custom Transport Ltd.  
D & W Forwarders Inc.  
D.A. Laird Transport Inc.  
D.J. Knoll Transport Ltd.  
D.J. Pestell Transport Ltd.  
D.M. Breton Inc.  
D.R. Insell Transport Inc.  
D4 Logistics Inc.  
Damco Canada Inc. Maersk Logistics Canada, Damco Canada, Maersk Customs Services Canada
Damco Distribution Canada Inc  
Danfreight Systems Inc. Danfreight Systems Inc., Systèmes Danfreight Inc., DFS
Data Parcel Express Inc. Geo Express International
David Kirsch Forwarders Ltd. / Transitaires David Kirsch Ltee  
Davis Cartage Co.  
Day & Ross Inc. Sameday Worldwide, Fastrax, Dedicated
Deck Transport (1982) Limited Deck Transport
Dectron Inc.  
Dectronique (1984) Inc. Dectro International
Degremont Limitée Degremont Technologies
Dell Canada Inc.  
Delmar International Inc.  
Delta Logistics Transportation Inc  
Deluxe Freight Services Ltd  
Denali Logistics Corp.  
Dennis Fortier Transport Inc.  
Denso Manufacturing Canada Inc.  
DFP Canada Ltd  
DHL Express (Canada) Ltd. - Air  
DHL Global Forwarding ( Canada ) Inc.  
Dhesi Enterprises Ltd.  
Dimerco Express (Canada) Corporation  
Direct General Partner Corporation Direct Limited Partnership
Distribution Marcel Dion Inc.  
Diversey Canada, Inc.  
Dixie Freight Systems Inc.  
DM Krenkevich Incorporated  
DMR Truck Inc.  
DMW Expedite, Inc.  
Dolbec y. Logistique International Inc.  
Domfoam Inc.  
Don Anderson Haulage Limited  
Donnelly Farms Ltd.  
Dontrans Inc  
Dortec Industries, division of Magna Closures Inc  
Double D Transport Inc.  
Doug Coleman Trucking Ltd.  
Doug Demont New & Used Equipment Ltd. Demonts Transport
Dow Chemical Canada ULC formerly Dow Chemical Canada Inc
DP World (Canada) Inc.  
DragonWave Inc. DragonWave Inc.
DRG Trucking  
Drive Logistics Ltd.  
Drive Star Shuttle Systems  
Driving Force Decks Int'l Ltd.  
Drumbo Transport Ltd.  
DSV Air & Sea Inc.  
Duckering's International Freight Services Inc.  
Duguay Haulage Inc.  
Duncan Enterprises, Inc. Pegasus Transportation, Inc.
Durham Furniture Inc.  
Durocher International TFI 19 S.E.C.  
Dyer Road Leasing Ltd Villeneuve Tank Lines
Dynamex Canada Limited  
Dynamic Closures Corporation  
Dynevor Express (2010) Ltd.  
E.D. Smith Foods Ltd.  
E.G. Gray Transportation Limited  
E.I. DuPont Canada Company  
E.T.A. Services Inc  
Earl Hardy Trucking Incorporated  
Earl Paddock Transportation Inc.  
Eassons Transport Limited  
East Can Transport Services Ltd.  
Easton Sports Canada  
Eaton Yale Company Roadranger Marketing Group
ECL Carriers GP Inc.  
Econ-O-Pac Limited  
Ed Wiersma Trucking Inc.  
Edelstein Diversified Co. Ltd Echotape
Eden Foods Inc.  
Edge Transportation Services Ltd.  
EDI Customs Brokers Inc.  
Elgin Motor Freight Inc.  
ELS Marketing LP AES Express Delivery / AES Warehouse and Distribution
Emballages Polystar inc. / Polystar Packaging inc.  
Emballages RockTenn Montréal Inc.  
EMCEA Inc.  
Emergency Parts Logistics Inc.  
Emerson Electric Company LTD Emerson Canada
Empire Transportation Limited  
EnCana Corporation  
Entreposage Herger Inc.  
Environmental Services Inc.  
EP Terminals Inc.  
Equicosta Inc.  
Équipement Arawaza Inc. Arawaza Equipment Inc.
Equipment Express Inc  
Erb Expedite Inc.  
Erb International Inc. Erb
Erb Transport Inc. Erb
Erb Transport Limited Erb
ESAB Group Canada Inc. ESAB Welding & Cutting Products
Euro Asia Transload Inc.  
Eurofret Canada Inc  
Evangeline Transport Incorporated  
Evans Delivery Company, Inc.  
Everest Transportation Inc.  
Evonik Degussa Canada Inc.  
Exclusive Transfer Enterprise Corporation Exclusive Transfer
Expedite Plus Inc.  
Expediters International Inc.  
Expeditors Canada Inc  
Extrusion de Polyfilm ltée / Polyfilm Extrusions ltd  
F. G. Lister Transportation Inc.  
F1 Freight Systems Inc.  
Fabrication Corwik Inc.  
Fabtrends Int'l Inc.  
Fabtrends Knit Co. Inc.  
Factor Gas Liquids Inc.  
Fair Excavating Co. Ltd.  
Fairfield Distributing Inc.  
Falcon Motor Xpress Ltd.  
Falcon Transport Co.  
Famous Home Fashions Inc.  
Fanchem Ltd.  
FB On Board Courier Services Inc FB CANADA EXPRESS
Federal Express Canada Ltd. FedEx Canada or FedEx Express
FedEx Custom Critical, Inc.  
FedEx Freight Canada Corp.  
FedEx Ground Package System, Ltd. FedEx Ground
FedEx Supply Chain Services, Inc.  
FedEx Trade Networks Transportation & Brokerage Canada Inc. (FTN T&B Canada Inc.)  
Fednav International Ltd.  
Fellowes Canada Limited  
Fersten Worldwide Inc./Fersten Mondial Inc.  
Ficel Transport Inc.  
Fidele Tremblay Inc.  
Fisher Scientific Company Fisher Scientific
Fleetex Transport Ltd  
Fleetway Transport Inc.  
Fleetwood Metal Industries Inc.  
Flex-N-Gate Canada Company Flex-N-Gate Canada 86898 7363
Flexstar Packaging Inc.  
Flying Eagle Transport Ltd.  
Fogz Logistics Ltd. Fogz Logistics Ltd.
Fonderie Poitras Limitée  
Forbes Hewlett Transport Inc.  
Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited  
Ford Transportation Services Limited  
Foreway Transportation, Inc.  
Formnet Inc  
Fortigo Freight Services Inc. Fortigo Freight Services Inc.
Fortress Trucking Limited  
Four Star Distribution (Canada) Limited  
Four Star Transportation Co.  
Fourteenth Avenue Cartage Co. Inc.  
Frank Hansaruk J & J Trucking Service
Frank R. Stockwell Limited  
Frankland Haulage Limited  
Fraser Direct Logistics Ltd.  
Fraser Valley Transport 2009 Ltd.  
Fred David International Inc.  
Fred Deeley Imports Ltd. Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada
Freeport Transport Industries Inc.  
Freeway Transportation Inc.  
Freight Partners International Inc.  
FreightLine Carrier Systems, Inc. FreightLine Carrier Systems, Inc
French Creek Seafood Ltd.  
Fresh Pack Transportation Inc  
Frommelt Industries of Canada Incorporated  
Frontier Distribution Services Inc.  
Frontier Supply Chain Solutions Inc.  
Fuchs Lubricants Canada Ltd.  
Fuel Truck Inc. Camion Fuel Inc.
Fujifilm Canada Inc.  
Fulger Transport Inc.  
Fullone Trucking, Inc.  
G T I Roll Transportation Services Inc  
G. A. Foss Transport Ltd.  
G. Zavitz Ltd.  
G.C. Duke Equipment Ltd.  
G.E. Forwarders Ltd.  
G.H. Imported Merchandise & Sales Limited Ash City Worldwide
G.K. Industries Ltd.  
G.K. Morse Trucking Ltd.  
G.M. Smith 2000 Inc.  
G.T. Wholesale Limited G.T. Wholesale/Giant Tiger
G.W. Murdy Transportation Ltd.  
G2 Logistics Transport Inc.  
Gabi Brothers Transport Inc  
Gala Systèmes Inc. Gala Systems Inc.
Galaxy Transport Inc.  
Garden City Customs Services Inc. Garden City Customs Brokers
Garlock du Canada Ltée  
Garry Mercer Trucking Inc.  
Gary Heer Transport Ltd.  
Gates Canada Inc  
General Motors of Canada Limited  
Genesis Express & Logistics Inc.  
Geo. H. Young & Co. Ltd.  
Geodis Wilson Canada Ltd  
Georbon Transportation Services Inc.  
George Lepy Trucking Inc.  
Georgian Bay Transport Inc.  
Gibson Transport Ltd.  
Giga-tron Associates Limited  
Gil Soucy Trucking Ltd. Gil Trucking
Gillespie-Munro Inc.  
Glen Tay Transportation GP Inc.  
Glenwood Kitchen Ltd  
G-Line Express Inc. 6190863 Canada Inc
Global Pack N Ship Plus Inc GLOBAL PACK N SHIP & GPNS Logistics
Globe Electric Company Inc  
Globe Stamping Company Limited  
GN Transport Ltd. GN Transport Ltd
Goes Enterprises Inc.  
Gold Line Transport Ltd.  
Goodyear Canada Inc.  
Gorski Bulk Transport Inc.  
Go-To Transport, Inc.  
Grace Logistics Inc.  
Grace Transport Inc.  
Grafco International Grafco Group
Gran Castor Group AB Forwarding
Grand Falls Agromart Ltd  
Grand Island Sales & Service Inc.  
Grand Rapids Transport Inc.  
Great Lakes Floral Ltd.  
Green Line Transportation Inc.  
Grohe Canada Inc.  
Groupe ADF Inc.  
Groupe Lacasse Inc  
Groupe Paco Inc. Paco Group Inc..
Groupe Sculnick Transportation  
Groupe Transport Lessard Inc.  
Groupe TYT Inc.  
GT Worldwide Logistics, Inc. RayTrans Trucking
GTL Transportation (2006) Inc.  
Gulacha Brothers Trucking Inc.  
Guy Tombs Limited  
Gypsum Express Ltd.  
H. J. Heinz Company of Canada LP  
H.A.Sheldon Canada Limited  
H.L. Blachford Ltd.  
Handcraft Apparel Company Canada Inc.  
Hanm Transportation Management Services Ltd.  
Harbour Light Fisheries (1993) Limited  
Harbour Link Container Services Inc. n/a
Hardwoods Specialty Products LP  
Hare Freight Services, Inc.  
Harland  Veinotte Ltd.  
Harlens Trucking Ltd.  
Harlequin Enterprises LTD  
Hartwick O'Shea & Cartwright Limited HOC Global Solutions
Havi Global Solutions (Canada) LP  
HDR Trucking Inc  
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics  
Helly Hansen Leisure Canada Inc.  
Helshiron Fisheries Ltd.  
Hemo Logistics Inc  
Henkel Canada Corporation  
Hercules Forwarding Inc.  
Hercules Tire Company of Canada, Inc. Hercules Tire International
Heritage Truck Lines Inc.  
Hewitt Équipement Limitée  
Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co.  
Heyl Truck Lines Inc.  
Hi Star Group Inc  
Highlight Motor Freight Inc.  
Hill Bros. Express Ways Ltd.  
Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd.  
Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing Ltd.  
Hi-Tech Express, Inc.  
Hitek Logistic Inc.  
HK Freightways Inc  
Hodori Express Canada Inc. Hodori, Hodori Canada, Hodex Canada
Holmes Freight Lines Inc.  
Holt, Renfrew & Co., Limited  
Honda Canada Inc.  
Honda Trading Canada Inc.  
Hornish Bros. Inc.  
Hospira Fleet Services  
Hospira Healthcare Corp.  
Hoss Cartage & Distribution Systems Inc.  
Hubbell Canada LP  
Hudson's Bay Company  
Huna Transport Inc.  
Hunter Express Ltd.  
Huron Commodities Inc  
Hutton Transport  
Hydro Mobile Inc.  
Hyndman Transport (1972) Ltd.  
I.T. Xchange Inc.  
IAC Automotive Components Alberta Ltd.  
IBM Canada Limited (Markham)  
IFS Dedicated Inc.  
IGB Automotive Ltd.  
Impel Transport Ltd.  
Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited  
Imprimerie Solisco Inc  
Industries d'emballages Starpac Ltée. / Starpac Packaging Ltd.  
Industries MON-TEX Ltee.  
Ingram Micro Inc.  
Ingredion Canada Incorporated  
Interactive Freight and Warehousing Ltd.  
International Carrier (Tilbury) Inc.  
International Freight Systems Inc.  
International Furniture Distribution Centre Ltd  
International Machine Transport Inc.  
International Trucklines Ltd.  
International Truckload Services Inc.  
Interpalco Inc.  
Interstar Materials Inc.  
Interstate Distributor Co.  
Intervet Canada Corp.  
IPEX Inc.  
Ippolito Transportation Incorporated  
Irving  Paper Limited  
Irving Oil Refining G.P.  
Irving Personal Care Limited  
Irving Pulp and Paper Limited  
Irving Tissue Corporation  
ISG Transportation Inc.  
Island Shipping Limited ISL Customs Brokers
ITB Transport Inc  
J & F Trucking  Corporation  
J & N Trucking Services  
J & R Hall Transport Inc.  
J P Transport Ltd.  
J. G. Drapeau Limited  
J. René Hébert Ltée  
J. Syvret & Co, Ltd  
J.A. Leveille & Fils (1990) Inc.  
J.D. Irving Limited  
J.E. Fortin Inc.  
J.K.H. Transport Ltd.  
J.M.F. Transport (1992) Ltee.  
J.R. Logistics Ltd.  
J.T.S. Inc.  
Jack Rutherford Customs Brokers Ltd. The Rutherford Group
Jade Transport Ltd.  
James Burg Trucking Company JBTC
JAS Forwarding Worldwide Inc.  
Jawala Mukhi Transport Inc JM Motors
JBF Express Inc.  
JBS Expedite Ltd.  
JBT Transport Inc.  
JC-TL Ball Valve Corporation  
JDS Uniphase Inc. JDSU
Jeak Logistics Inc.  
Jeff Bryan Transport Ltd.  
Jefferson Elora Corporation  
JFK Systems Inc.  
Jim Johnson Trucking Ltd  
J-Line Transport Limited  
JMW Transportation Inc.  
John Deere Limited  
John Grant Haulage Ltd.  
John L. Schultz Ltd.  
Johnson & Johnson Medical Products, a Division of Johnson & Johnson Inc. Johnson & Johnson Medical Products
Johnson Level & Tool  (Canada) Inc.  
Joiner Systems Inc.  
Jones Motor Company Inc.  
Jovan Transport Inc.  
JP Metal America Inc.  
JP Morgan Chase Vastera Canada Company Livingston International Inc.
Jules Savard Inc.  
K&A Trucking Ltd.  
K&T Transport Ltd.  
K.A.M. Trucking Inc.  
KC Transportation, Inc.  
KCPK Trucking Inc.  
K-DAC Expedite  
Keith Hall & Sons Transport Limited  
Keith Nicholson & Sons Ltd  
Keltic Transportation Inc.  
Kel-West Carriers  
Ken Giberson Transport Ltd.  
Ken Johnson Trucking Ltd.  
Kenpal Farm Products Inc.  
Kent Line International Limited  
Kent Line Limited  
Kent Line Sales Limited  
Keypoint Carriers Limited  
Keystone Western Inc.  
Kildair Service Ltée  
Kimco Steel Sales Limited  
KIM-TAM Truck Leasing Limited  
Kindersley Transport Ltd.  
Kinedyne Canada Limited  
King Freight Lines Ltd.  
Kingsco Transport Ltd.  
Kinsdale Carriers Ltd.  
Kintetsu World Express (Canada) Inc.  
KI Pembroke LP  
Kleysen Group LP  
Kodak Graphic Communications Company Canada  
Konink Logistics Inc.  
Kris Kay Truck Lines Inc. Kris Kay Truck Lines Inc.
Kriska Holdings Limited  
Kuehne + Nagel Ltd.  
Kuntz Electroplating Inc.  
L & B Cartage Inc. L & B Transportation Group
L S McLellan Trucking Ltd.  
L. Bilodeau & Fils ltee  
L. Frederick Mattice Farm & Trucking Inc.  
L. Hansen's Forwarding Inc. L. Hansen's Forwarding Inc.
L.M. Clark Customs Broker Ltd.  
L.V. Lomas Limited/Limitee  
La Cie McCormick Canada Company  
Laidlaw Carriers Bulk GP Inc.  
Laidlaw Carriers Tank GP Inc.  
Laidlaw Carriers Van GP Inc.  
Lakeshore Logistics Limited  
Landmark Distribution LLC Landmark Global
Landstar Express America, Inc.  
Landstar Gemini, Inc.  
Landstar Inway, Inc.  
Landstar Ligon Inc.  
Landstar Ranger, Inc.  
Langer Transport Corporation  
Larsen & Shaw Limited  
Laser Transport Inc.  
Lavo Inc  
LCL Navigation Ltd. LCL Logistics
LCN inc.  
Le Groupe P.N.F. Inc  
Leahy Orchards Inc.  
Lectron Logistics and Warehousing Inc.  
Lee Valley Tools Ltd  
Lehigh Cement, a division of Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited  
LEI Customs Brokers Inc.  
Lemko Trans Ltd.  
Len Dubois Trucking Inc.  
Lenron Inc.  
Les Aliments Multibar Inc.  
Les Emballage Knowlton Inc same
Les Entreprises Gikem Inc.  
Les Entreprises Pierre Dubuc Ltée  
Les Etablissements Dubois Ltee  
Les Modes Crossroads & Chams Fashions Inc.  
Les Placements Jean-Luc Tanguay  
Les Produits Forestiers D.G. Ltée  
Les Transports Audec Inc.  
Les Transports CBG Inc.  
Levitt Safety Limited Levitt Safety
Lexmark Canada Inc.  
L'Express du Midi Inc.  
Liberty Linehaul Inc.  
Light Speed logistics Inc.  
LINC Ontario Ltd.  
Lincoln Electric Company of Canada LP  
Line-Drive Transportation Inc.  
Link + Corporation Link + Customs Brokers
Liquid Cargo Lines Limited  
Livingston International Inc  
Load King Transport Inc.  
Load One, L.L.C.  
Load Solutions Inc.  
Lobsters Alive Limited  
Loblaws Inc Loblaw Companies Limited
Locomote System's Inc.  
Lodwick Transport Ltd.  
Logikor Inc. 642710-3
Logistic One Ltd.  
London Agricultural Commodities Inc. LAC
London Sufferance Warehouse Inc. International Logistics & Distribution
LSI Transport Inc.  
Lufthansa Cargo AG  
Lululemon Athletica Canada Inc.  
L'Usine Tactic Inc. Tactic Sampling Product
Lynden Transport Inc.  
Lyons Mill and Timber Ltd  
M. G. Fisheries Ltd.  
Mac R. Behnke Rentals Ltd. Behnke Dedicated, LLC & Behnke Logistics, LLC
Mac-Agg Supply Inc.  
Mackie Moving Systems Corporation  
MacKinnon Transport Inc.  
Mac's Transport Services Ltd.  
Magellan Aerospace Limited Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg
Mainline Fashions Inc Clio Oz
Manac Inc.  
Manitoulin TLX Inc.  
Manitoulin Warehousing and Distribution Inc.  
Mantoria Inc  
Maple Freight Partnership  
Maple Star Transport Limited  
Mark Burgers Transport Inc.  
Mark Kennedy Trucking Ltd.  
Mark's Work Wearhouse Ltd. Imagewear (Business to Business Sales Division), LEquipeur (In Quebec)
Mars Freight Ltd.  
Martin Transportation Systems, Inc.  
Master Plant-Prod Inc.  
Matrix Expedited Service  
Matthew Brian Hitchcock LLC MBH Trucking LLC
Mavron Transport Inc.  
Mawson & Mawson Inc.  
Maye Transport Inc.  
MC Carrier, Inc.  
McClay's Transportation Ltd.  
McConchie Trucking Ltd.  
McCormicks Transport Systems Inc.  
McCormicks USA Logistics Inc.  
McKevitt Trucking Limited  
MCL McGill Carriers Ltd  
MDMF Transport Inc.  
MDR Fusing Inc.  
Mediterranean Shipping Company (Canada) Inc.  
Medtronic of Canada Ltd.  
Megaloid Laboratories Ltd.  
Meggitt Training Systems Canada Inc.  
Mel Hall Transport  
Mellohawk Logistics Inc.  
Memphis-Blues Apparel Company Inc.  
Mercer Transportation Co. Inc.  
Merck Canada Inc.  
Messier-Dowty Incorporated  
Metal One Canada Corporation  
Metro Logistique Inc Metro Supply Chain Group
Michael Duff Inc.  
Michelin North America (Canada) Inc.  
Michigan Metal Transporters Inc.  
Midland Transport Limited  
Midnight Express & Cartage Ltd  
Midway Express Ltd  
Midwest Logistics Systems  
Midwest Transit Inc.  
Mike N. Boudreau Seafood (2001) Ltd.  
Mike Nesbitt Trucking Inc.  
Miky Transport Company Inc.  
Milgram & Company Ltd.  
Mill Creek Motor Freight Ltd.  
Miller Transfer and Rigging Co.  
Miskie Enterprises Ltd. Dan Miskie Trucking
Mitten Inc. Mitten Inc.
Modern Forwarding & Leasing Co. Inc.  
Modes Corwik Inc.  
Modextil Inc.  
Mogus Transport ( 1978 ) Ltd.  
Molak Express Ltd.  
Monam Industries inc  
Monarch Transport (1975) Ltd.  
Mont's On-Time Express Inc.  
Morley Annear Ltd.  
MorTrans Inc.  
Mother Parker's Tea & Coffee Inc.  
Mountain Equipment Co-operative  
Mountain Pacific Transport Ltd. Shadow Lines
Movin' Freight Ltd  
MSM Transportation Inc.  
MTD Products Limited  
Mullen Trucking (2005) Ltd. Mullen Trucking L.P.
Multiline Transport Ltd.  
Murray Kozie Trucking Ltd.  
Musashi Auto Parts Canada Inc.  
Muskoka Transport Limited  
Nartech Metal Products  
National Environmental Products Ltd Neptronic, NEP
National Shippers and Receivers Inc. Transport Ease And Management Services
National Transportation Carriers Inc.  
Nationwide Transport Ltd.  
Near North Customs Brokers Inc.  
Nestle Canada Inc.  
Net Freight System Inc.  
New Brunswick Southern Railway Company  
New Flyer Industries  
New Hope Transport Ltd.  
New Malwa Express Inc. New Malwa Express Inc.
New Penn Motor Express, Inc.  
New Prime Inc. Prime Inc.
Newell Industries Canada Inc. Rubbermaid Canada
Newell's Express Worldwide Logistics Ltd.  
NII Northern International Inc  
Nine-North Logistics Inc.  
Nippon Express Canada Ltd.  
Nissan Canada Inc.  
Nissin Transport (Canada) Inc.  
Noble Transport Ltd.  
Noël Godbout Transport Ltd (NGT)  
Nordion (Canada) Inc. Nordion (Canada) Inc.
Normandin Transit Inc.  
North American Distribution Logistics Inc. Kelron Logistics
North Safety Products Ltd  
Northwest Tank Lines Inc.  
Nova Chemicals Corporation  
NovAtel Incorporated  
Novelis Inc.  
NRI Distribution Inc.  
NSC Minerals LTD. NSC Minerals Inc - General Partner
NTA Transport Inc. Nolan Transport & Warehousing
NYK Line (Canada) Inc.  
Oak Leaf Confections  
Oak Run Transportation Inc.  
Oakley Canada Inc.  
O'Connor's Distribution Inc.  
Odanah Truck Line Inc.  
OEC Overseas Express Consolidators (Montreal) Inc.  
Old Dutch Hartland a division of Old Dutch Foods  
Olympian Group Systems Inc  
Omnitrans (Pacific) Inc.  
Omnitrans Inc.  
One World Logistics of America, Inc.  
Ontime Transport 1997 Inc.  
OOCL (Canada) Inc.  
OOCL Logistics (Canada) Ltd.  
Orlando Puga Ent Inc  
Ottaway Motor Express Ltd.  
Overseas Express Consolidators (Ottawa) Inc.  
Overseas Express Consolidators (Toronto) Inc.  
Overseas Express Consolidators (Vancouver) Inc.  
P.A.M. Transport Inc.  
P.H. Express Inc  
P.O.G. Inc  
Paccar of Canada Ltd.  
Pacer Air Freight Ltd  
PACEX Package Express Inc.  
Pacific Art Services Limited PACART
Pacific Coast Express Limited  
Pacific Customs Brokers Ltd.  
Pacific Overseas Forwarding Inc.  
Paco Spiralift Inc.  
Page E.T.C., Inc.  
Page Transportation Inc.  
PalletSource Inc. CPS Wood Products; Canada Pallet
Palliser Furniture Ltd.  
Panalpina, Inc. Panalpina Canada
Panasonic Canada Inc.  
Panther II Transportation Inc.  
Parabrush Carrier Service Inc.  
Parker Hannifin Canada Parker Holding Canada Holding Co. / Parker Hannifin Investment Co.
Patheon Inc.  
Paturel International Company Deer Island  
Paul Brandt Trucking Ltd.  
Paul Leblanc Transport Inc.  
PAUL'S Transport Inc.  
Payne Transportation (2005) Ltd. Payne Transportation L.P.
Peace River Seed Co-op Ltd.  
Peak of the Market  
Peel Plastic Products Limited  
Pelton Bros. Transport Ltd.  
Penner International Inc.  
Penta Transport Ltd.  
Pentagon Graphics Ltd.  
Percy H. Davis Limited  
Percy Sutton Trucking Inc. Camionnage Percy Sutton Inc.
Performance Logistics 2010 Inc. Performance Logistics
Peter Hodge Transport Ltd.  
PF Collins Customs Broker Ltd. PF Collins International Trade Solutions
Pfizer, Inc. Pfizer Canada Inc., / Pfizer Inc.
Pierre Lacroix Logging Inc. Exploitation Forestière Lacroix Inc.
Pinder Transport Ltd.  
Pinnacle Ingredients and Flavors Inc. Encore Gourmet
Pival International Inc. Pival Expedite
Plasticase Inc.  
Point Dedicated Services, L.L.C.  
Poissonnerie De Cloridorme Inc  
Polar Express Transportation Ltd.  
Polaris Transport Carriers Inc.  
Pole Star Transport Inc.  
Polymer Distribution Inc.  
PolyOne Canada Incorporated  
Portside Warehousing Inc.  
PPG Canada Inc.  
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. P&WC
Preferred Transport Limited  
Presstran Industries, Division of Cosma International  
Presteve Foods Limited  
Preston Transport Limited  
Prevost, a division of Volvo Group Canada Inc.  
Price Trucking Corp  
Prime Time Messenger Inc.  
Prince Freight Lines Inc. Prince Freight Lines
Prince Metal Products  
Prinoth Ltd  
ProActive Recycling Inc  
Proactive Supply Chain Solutions Inc  
Produits Chimiques CCC Ltée  
Produits Chimiques Magnus Ltee.  
Produits de Plancher Finitec inc. Finitec Canada
Professional Carriers Inc.  
Protenergy Natural Foods Corp.  
Prouse Transport Ltd.  
Purolator Inc.  
PWI Transit Inc.  
QIT- Fer et Titane inc.  
Q-Line Trucking Ltd.  
Quadco Equipment Inc.  
Quadra Chemicals Ltd  
Quality Transport, Inc.  
Quik X Transportation Inc. Transport Quik X
Quiroy Transport Inc.  
R.E.M. Transport  
R.S Gill Express Ltd.  
R.S. Harris Transport Ltd.  
RAF Express  
Raj Transport Ltd  
Ranger Express Forwarding Inc  
Raymond O'Neill & Son Fisheries Ltd.  
Raytheon Canada Limited  
Ready Go Transport Inc. Ready Go Transport
Redoe Mold Company Ltd.  
Redpath Sugar  
Refplus inc.  
Reghold Corporation  
Reimer Express Lines Ltd. YRC Reimer
Reko Tool & Mould (1987) Inc.  
Relco Systems, Inc.  
Reliable Carriers Inc  
Remorquage St-Michel Inc  
Renata Logistics Limited  
Renfro Canada Inc  
Resistance Welding products (1987) Ltd  
Revilo Transit Ltd.  
Richards Transport Ltd.  
Richardson International Limited  
Rideway Transport Inc.  
Rimbosh Logistics Ltd/Logistiques Rimbosh Ltee Customs Broker
RJR Transportation Group  
Road Link Xpress (Div of 1541335 Ont. Inc.)  
Roadking & Logistic Inc  
RoadLink USA East, L.L.C.  
RoadLink USA Pacific, LLC RoadLink USA Pacific
Roadstar Carrier Inc Roadstar Carrier Inc.
Roaring Express Inc.  
Roberts Company Canada Limited Roberts / QEP Company Canada Limited
Rockport Carrier Co.  
Rodair International Ltd. Bellville Rodair International, BRI, Seko Canada
Rodriguez Expedited Freight Systems Inc.  
Rogue Transportation  
Rohm and Haas Canada LP  
Rolls Royce Canada Limited  
Rollstamp Manufacturing, a division of Magna Exteriors and Interiors Corp. Rollstamp Manufacturing
Rosa Flora Limited  
Rosario Poirier Inc.  
Rosedale Transport Ltd.  
Round the Lakes Motor Express Inc.  
Royal Canadian Mint  
RPM Canada Tremco Canada
RS Rush Transfer Xpress Inc.  
RSB Logistic Inc.\RSB Logistique Inc.  
RSP Express Inc.  
RSS Motor Freight Inc.  
RST Industries Limited / Les Industries RST Ltee.  
RSVP International LLC  
RTS Holdings, LLC RoadOne IntermodaLogistics (Midwest Division)
Ruby Truck Line Inc.  
Rui Royal International Corp. Royal International Corp.
Run-Rite Freight Systems Inc.  
Rush Trucking Corporation  
Russel Metals Inc.  
Russell A. Farrow Limited Russell A. Farrow Limited - Canadian Brokerage Operations
Russo Canada ULC RCT
Russ's Motor Service Inc.  
Ryder Container Terminals  
Ryder CRSA Logistics  
Ryder Integrated Logistics Inc. Ryder Logistics and Transportation Solutions Worldwide Square "D"
Ryder Truck Rental Canada Ltd Ryder Logistics and Transportation Solutions Worldwide TMMC Division
S & C Clark Transport Inc. S & C Clark Transport Inc.
S & S Forwarding  
S & S Transport, Inc.  
S&M Trucking Limited S&M Trucking Ltd.
S. Martin Cartage Inc.  
S.E. Freight Systems Inc.  
S.K. Cornerstone Group Inc. S.K. Cornerstone Group Inc.
Saga Forest Carriers Intl. AS  
Salt Spring Freight Service Ltd  
Sandra Tea & Coffee Limited  
Sanfred Enterprises Incorporated  
Sanimax Marketing Limited  
Sarnia Paving Stone Ltd  
Schaeffler Canada Inc.  
Schenck Farms & Greenhouses Co. Ltd.  
Schenker of Canada Limited  
Schlumberger Canada Limited Schlumberger
Schneider Electric Canada Inc. Schneider Electric
Schneider National Carriers, Inc.  
Schroeder Freight Inc.  
Scotlynn Commodities Inc.  
Scott Plastics Ltd.  
Scott-Woods Transport Inc.  
SDV Logistics Canada Inc.  
Seafood Express (PEI) Ltd.  
Seagate Transportation Services Inc.  
Searcy Trucking Ltd.  
Seastar Chemicals Inc.  
Secure Freight Systems, Inc.  
Select 1 Transport, Inc.  
Sellick Equipment Limited  
Serrubec Inc.  
Service Star Freightways Inc.  
SGT 2000 Inc. SGT
Shabad Transport Inc  
Shandex Truck Inc. Same as above
Sharp Transportation Systems Inc.  
Shediac Bay Fisheries (1999) Ltd.  
Shediac Lobster Shop Ltd.  
Shellcast Foundries Inc Shellcast Foundries Inc
Shoppers Drug Mart  
Shop-Vac Canada Ltd  
Shoreland Transport Inc.  
Shoreline Express Courier Services  
Showcase Carriers Inc.  
Shri Hom Roadways Inc.  
Shuttle Express Inc.  
Sibley Trucking Inc.  
Siemens Canada Limited  
Simore Taxi and Parcel Delivery Ltd.  
Skelton Truck Lines Ltd.  
SKF Canada Limited  
Skylark Logistics Inc.  
SLB Transit Inc  
SLH Transport Inc.  
SM Freight Inc.  
SM Transport  
SMART Technologies ULC  
Smucker Foods of Canada Corp.  
Société Mondo America Inc. Mondo America Inc.
Société Terminaux Montreal Gateway  
Sodrox Chemicals Ltd.  
Sohi Truck Line, Inc.  
Solution Extrême Inc.  
Sonar Limited Partnership  
Sound Design Technologies Ltd.  
Southern Oaks Ltd.  
Southwest Carriers Inc.  
Spady Transport Ltd.  
Specialized Transportation Agent Group - Canada Corp. STI Canada
Speed Motor Express of Western New York Inc.  
Speedy Transport Group Inc.  
Spielo International Canada ULC  
Sport Maska Inc.  
Spring Creek Carriers Inc  
St. Clair Technologies Inc. ST CLAIR TOOL & DIE LIMITED
St. Davids Hydroponics Ltd.  
St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad  
St. Marys Cement Inc. (Canada)  
Standard Aero Limited  
Stanley Black & Decker Canada Corporation. Tools Div. of SCC
Star Van Systems Inc.  
Steed Standard Transport Ltd.  
Stephen Frederick Logistics Inc.  
Steris Canada Corporation  
Sterling Packers Limited Confederation Freezers
Steve's Livestock Transportation (Blumenort) Ltd.  
St-Germain Express  
STI Transport Inc  
ST-JEAN Div-Thomas & Betts Manufacturing Inc.  
Stones Transport Inc.  
Street Cartage Limited  
Sturdell Industries Inc.  
Sulco Chemicals Limited  
Sullivan Transportation Inc.  
Summit International Trade Services Inc Summit Customs Brokers
Sunbeam Corporation (Canada) Limited Jarden Consumer Solutions
Sunbury Transport Limited  
Sunrise Transport  
Superior Global Logistics, LLC. Superior Global Logistics
Supply Chain Management, Inc SCM
Sure Track Courier Ltd.  
Sutco Contracting Ltd.  
Swift Transportation Co., LLC  
Sydia Bros. Ent. Ltd.  
Sykma Expressway Ltd.  
Sylvite Agri-Services Ltd.  
Synergy Transportation Systems Inc  
System 55 Transport Inc.  
T & M Incorporated Teddy's Transport
T & P Trucking Ltd.  
T. Doyle Transport Ltd.  
T. E. Smith Transport and Logistics Ltd.  
T.A.S.K. Carriers Inc  
T.C.F. Express Inc.  
T.P.T. Systems Inc.  
T.S. Expedited Services Inc.  
T.V. Minority Company Inc.  
Tallman Transports  
TAM International Inc.  
Tandet Dedicated Inc. Tandet Management Inc.
Tandet Logistics Inc.  
Tank Truck Transport Inc.  
Tannahill Transport Ltd  
TAS Refrigerated Distribution Inc  
Taylor Made Express T-M-E
Techcraft Manufacturing Inc.  
Techform Products Limited  
Tek Transportation, Inc.  
Télio & Cie inc.  
Tempo Transport Inc.  
Tenneco Canada Inc.  
Tenold Transportation (2005) Ltd. Tenold Transportation L.P.
Terra Nova Transport Ltd.  
Terry B Krieger TK & Son Trucking
Texel, une division de ADS Inc. Texel
TFX International Specialized Vehicle Transport  
The BLM Group Inc. BLM Transportation Group
The Buffalo Group of Companies Inc.  
The Innovak Group Inc.  
The Musket Transport Ltd.  
The Nuance Group (Canada) Inc.  
Thomas & Betts (Ontario) Ltd  
Thomas & Betts Limited  
Thompson Emergency Freight  
Thompson, Ahern & Co. Limited  
Thomson Terminals Limited  
Three Star Trucking Co. Inc.  
ThyssenKrupp Industrial Services Canada, Inc.  
Tibbs Transport Inc.  
Titan Transport Ltd  
Titanium Trucking Service Inc.  
TKO Transportation Inc.  
TNT Express (Canada) Ltd TNT Express
Tom MacDonald Trucking Ltd.  
Tomlinson Systems Inc.  
Top Notch Carriers Ltd.  
Toshiba of Canada Limited  
Total Logistics Trucking Canada Inc. Total Logistics
Total Transportation Solutions Inc.  
Toyota Canada Inc.  
Trackless Vehicles Ltd.  
Traffic Tech Inc.  
Trailwood Transport Ltd.  
Trans 4 Logistics Trans 4 Dedicated
Trans American Trucking Service, Inc.  
Trans Emerge Transport Inc  
Trans Expert Inc.  
Trans Flora Ltd.  
Transam Carriers Inc  
Trans-Atlantis Inc.  
Transbois Canada Ltée  
TransBY Inc.  
Transcar Logistics Inc.  
Transfreight Inc.  
TransFrt McNamara Inc.  
Transit Logistics Solutions Inc.  
Transnat Express Inc.  
Transport Alain Giroux & Fils Inc.  
Transport All Matt Inc.  
Transport Allan Vachon Inc.  
Transport Couture & Fils Ltée.  
Transport Daniel Maranda Inc.  
Transport Gilmyr Inc.  
Transport Guilbault International Inc.  
Transport Guy Bourassa Inc.  
Transport Harold Carruthers Inc  
Transport Herve Lemieux (1975) Inc.  
Transport Humar Ltée  
Transport Magog Express (1982) Inc.  
Transport Robert 1973 Ltee  
Transport Rollex Ltee.  
Transport Ronado Inc.  
Transport Serge Beauregard Inc.  
Transport Somavrac Inc.  
Transport St. Viateur Inc.  
Transport Sylvester & Forget Inc.  
Transport TFI 1 S.E.C. TFI Transport 1 L.P.
TRANSPORT TFI 11 S.E.C. Ganeca Transport Inc.
Transport TFI 15, S.E.C. Transport Gregoire
Transport TFI 16, S.E.C. Division Golden International  
Transport TFI 3, S.E.C. TFI 3, L.P Highland Transport
Transport TFI 6, S.E.C.  
Transportation Services Inc.  
Transportes Azteca International Inc.  
Transports Ducampro Inc.  
Trans-Send Freight Systems Ltd.  
TranStewart Trucking Inc.  
Trans-west Logistics Inc / Logistiques Trans-west Inc.  
TransX Ltd. Cool X / Deck X / TransX
Travelers Transportation Services Inc.  
Trendway Transportation Services Inc.  
Tri Corp Transportation Ltd.  
Triangle Freight Services Ltd.  
Tri-Line Carriers GP Inc. Tri-Line Carriers LP
Trillium Health Care Products Inc  
Trimac Transportation East Inc.  
Trimac Transportation Services (Western), Inc.  
Trimac Transportation Services Inc. Trimac Transportation Services Limited Partnership
Trimac Transportation South Inc.  
Tripar Transportation Inc.  
Triple Crown Services Company (Rail)  
Triple Five Transport Incorporated  
Triple K Transport  
Triple Random Inc.  
Tri-State Motor Transit Co  
Triumph Express Service Canada Inc  
Tropical Shipping of Canada, LLC  
TS Tech Canada Inc.  
TSI Terminal Systems Inc.  
TST Expedited Services Inc.  
TST Solutions LP  
TTK Transport Inc.  
Tulmar Safety Systems  
Tuopu North America Ltd Distribution
Turf Care Products Canada  
Turk Enterprises Ltd.  
Tyco Electronics Canada Ltd.  
Tyco Healthcare Group Canada Inc. Covidien
U. S. Steel Canada Inc.  
Ulster Transport Inc. John Maywood Trucking Ltd.
United Parcel Service Canada Limited - Air  
Universal Am-Can, Ltd.  
Universal Logistics Inc.  
Upland Transportation Inc.  
UPS Ground Freight Inc. UPS Freight
UPS SCS Inc.  
USA Truck, Inc.  
USF Reddaway Inc.  
UTi, Canada, Inc.  
V4U Logistic Inc.  
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.  
Van Kam Freightways Ltd.  
Vandaele Logistics Ltd.  
Vandaele Seeds Ltd  
Vandegrift Canada ULC ALS Customs Services Inc.
Vansea Transport Ltd.  
Vari-Form Inc.  
Vedder Transport Ltd.  
Velan Inc.  
Velcro Canada Inc.  
Venest Industries, Cosma International, A Division of Magna International Venest Industries
Ventra Group Co. Ventra Plastics Windsor, Veltri Canada - Lakeshore, Veltri Canada - Howard, Ventra Ridgetown
Venture Logistics, Inc.  
Verspeeten Cartage Ltd.  
Vesna Logistics Inc.  
Viacan Customs Brokers Inc. / Courtiers en Douanes Viacan Inc.  
Viandes Paquette Inc. VPMeats
Viavic Express Inc.  
Vidir Machine Inc.  
Vintex Inc  
VIP Logistics LLC  
Vitran Express Canada Inc.  
Viva Media Packaging (Canada) LTD.  
Volume Tank Transport Inc.  
VWR International Co.  
W. Craig Jackson Custom Truckmen LLC  
W. G. McKay Limited  
W.J. Deans Transportation Inc.  
Wal-Mart Canada Corp. Wal-Mart
Walter McDougall International Logistics Incorporated  
Wayfreight Services Limited  
Weetabix of Canada Limited  
Welke Customs Brokers Ltd.  
Welke Global Logistics Ltd.  
Wellton Express International (Ontario) Inc. Freight forwarder
Westbrook Floral Ltd  
Westech Building Products Ltd.  
Western Logistics Inc.  
Westfreight Systems, Inc.  
Westmorland Fisheries Ltd.  
Westtransauto Inc  
Westway Group Canada Inc  
Wheel King Transhaul Inc.  
Whirlpool Canada LP WCGP Nova Scotia Co.
White Oak Transport Limited  
White Rock Courier Ltd.  
Whitelaw Trucking Inc. Whitelaw Trucking
Wide Range Transport Inc.  
Wide Range Warehousing & Distribution Inc.  
Wild Flavors (Canada) Inc  
Wildwood Transport Inc.  
William E. Coutts Company, Limited Hallmark Canada
William L. Rutherford Limited  
William Switzer & Associates (2011) Ltd.  
Wills Transfer Ltd.  
Willson International Ltd  
Wilride Transport Ltd.  
Windsor Freezer Services Ltd.  
Winners Merchants International L.P.  
Winpak Ltd.  
Winpak Portion Packaging Ltd  
Wintergreen Transport Corp. Ltée  
WM H Cain Agency Limited  
Wm. De Jong Enterprises Inc. De Jong Enterprises Inc.
Wolverine World Wide Canada ULC  
Woodstock Cold Storage (1990) Ltd. Bayside Food Terminal
World Courier of Canada Ltd.  
World Wide Carriers Ltd.  
X West Carriers Inc.  
Xan Systems Inc.  
XPO Logistics Canada Inc. XPO Logistics/Kelron Logistics
XTL Transport Inc.  
Yamato Transport USA Inc DNA
Yazaki North America, Inc.  
Yusen Logistics (Canada) Inc.  
Zalev Brothers Co.  
Zappone Industries Inc.  
Zavcor Trucking Limited Truk-King (a division of Zavcor Trucking Limited)
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