K32B – Drawback Certificate of Sale for Exportation

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  • Goods manufactured or imported by
  • Name of exporter
  • Name of intermediate purchaser if any
  • Date and number of manufacturer's or importer's invoice
    • Date and number of invoice covering intermediate sale
    • Quantity and description
  • Certified correct
  • Dated at (place) this (number) day of (month) (year)
    • Name of manufacturer or importer
    • Per (Signature)
    • Official title

Exporter's or purchaser's certificate and waiver

  • I hereby certify that the goods described above are the identical goods covered by sales invoices, ie.:
    • Sales invoice date  
    • Sales invoice number
    • Country of destination
  • And also waive rights to drawback to (Name of person or company to which drawback rights are waived) in respect of the aforesaid sales invoices.
  • Dated at (place) this (number) day of (month) (year)
    • Firm name
    • Per (Signature)
    • Telephone number
    • Official title
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