Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Systems

EDI Exceptions Lead Sheet

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The following commercial shipment has been identified as an EXCEPTION to the requirements for EDI release.

  • Transaction number
  • Importer/Broker
  • Date
  • Reason for exception
    • Invoice lines in excess of 500 (February 2012) or 999 (June 2012) lines
    • More than one warehouse sub-location code
    • Goods being released from Queen's Warehouse
    • OGD Paper Permit or Certificate required (no EDI link to CBSA)
    • Multiple Highway Cargo Control Numbers at Frontier
    • System Outage
    • Courier Low Value Shipment rejected (Y50) from Consist Sheet
    • Shortages, Entered to Arrive, Value Included, Provisional, etc.
    • Bonded warehouse RMD (grey wrapper)
    • Regulated goods qualifying for Tariff Classification 9813 or 9814 ("Canadian goods Returning")
    • Release request is submitted to a non-automated Customs office
    • Other (please specify below)
  • Remarks
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