System Outage Contingency Plan
Inland Warehouse Summary Outage Sheet (SOS)

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This is a summary sheet only. For full detailed procedures, please contact TCCU (888-957-7224 / to obtain a copy of the complete CBSA System Outage Contingency Plan.

Warehouse arrival and release procedures for goods seeking inland release or bonded into Canada during an outage
Outage Scenarios:
Full CBSA system and EDI outages, EDI inbound and outbound messaging outages, Direct Connect, VAN and Customs Internet Gateway (CIG) outages, blackouts, brown outs, portal outages and delays in EDI and/or portal processing.

For Release Inland

  1. If warehouse system is operable but client's is not, warehouse operator can check status and, if acquitted, release to the customer.
  2. For freight forwarders seeking deconsolidation, revert to paper processing.

For Inland in Bond

  1. The warehouse operator will receive the paper Cargo Control Document for the shipment from the carrier and present that document to the local CBSA office and indicate that the freight has arrived at the respective SLOC.
  2. The CBSA will verify the status in the system. If not released  the warehouse operator or carrier, depending on backhaul agreement in place, notifies the broker/importer that the goods are in bond (delivers copy of cargo control document to broker/importer either manually or electronically)
  3. When the goods are released the CBSA will release-stamp the Cargo Control Document and return it to the warehouse operator and/or broker as proof of release.  This proof is acceptable by all trade chain partners in original or faxed form as long as the CBSA stamp is clearly visible on the original or faxed copy.
  4. If only the warehouse system is down, warehouse operator can accept a printed copy of an RNS release message from the carrier or broker/importer message as proof of release
  5. Once notified of acquittal, the warehouse will release the goods to the carrier / freight forwarder. 


  1. Send electronic arrival if not submitted
  2. Receive electronic notices
  3. Correct any errors
  4. Retain paper copies for audit purposes
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