System Outage Contingency Plan
Marine Summary Outage Sheet (SOS)

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This is a summary sheet only. For full detailed procedures, please contact TCCU (888-957-7224 / to obtain a copy of the complete CBSA System Outage Contingency Plan.

All Marine carriers

Full CBSA System outage/Full EDI Outage/EDI Outage Inbound/VAN or Direct Connect Outage

Outage is announced less than 24 hours after Carrier submitted EDI reports.

Outage is declared more than 24 hours after carrier submitted EDI reports

CBSA EDI Outage Outbound

CBSA EDI Processing Delay

Client Planned Outage

Client Unplanned full system Outage

Client Unplanned EDI Outage  

Notify the TCCU as soon as known (888-957-7224).  Ensure the TCCU is kept updated on the status of the outage every four (4) hours.

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