System Outage Contingency Plan
Freight Forwarder Summary Outage Sheet (SOS)

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This is a summary sheet only. For full detailed procedures, please contact TCCU (888-957-7224 / to obtain a copy of the complete CBSA System Outage Contingency Plan.

Freight Forwarder reporting requirements during an electronic systems outage
Freight Forwarders (Highway, Air, Marine, Rail)
Outage Scenarios:
Full CBSA system and EDI outages (including Portal), EDI inbound and outbound messaging outages, Client planned and unplanned outages, Direct Connect, VAN and Customs Internet Gateway (CIG) outages, blackouts, brown outs and delays in EDI processing.

Applicable for all modes:

  1. Continue to transmit EDI as per ACI requirements
  2. All applicable data elements must be provided in a paper format at FPOA
  3. Provide arrival notice to Importer/Broker.
  4. For Client unplanned outages, notify the TCCU as soon as known (888-957-7224).  Ensure the TCCU is kept updated on the status of the outage every four (4) hours.
  5. Importer/Broker to submit release when goods arrive at warehouse.
  6. Ensure all data sent electronically post-outage, correct any errors.
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