System Outage Contingency Plan
Air Summary Outage Sheet (SOS)

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This is a summary sheet only. For full detailed procedures, please contact TCCU (888-957-7224 / to obtain a copy of the complete CBSA System Outage Contingency Plan.

Carrier reporting procedures for air waybill shipments into Canada during an electronic outage  
All air carriers including couriers and Flying Truck carriers
Outage Scenarios:
Full CBSA system and EDI outages, EDI inbound and outbound messaging outages, Client planned and unplanned outages, Direct Connect, VAN and Customs Internet Gateway (CIG) outages, blackouts, brown outs and delays in EDI processing.
Reporting Scenarios:
Import, In-transit, CSA, CLVS and Flying Truck


  1. Continue to file ACI and non ACI electronic messages and issue Advice Notes as per normal 
  2. All applicable CCD data elements must be provided in a paper format at FPOA
  3. Flying Trucks should have e-manifest lead sheet and current supporting documentation for the cargo
  4. For Client unplanned outages, notify the TCCU as soon as known (888-957-7224).  Ensure the TCCU is kept updated on the status of the outage every four (4) hours.
  5. CLVS - where the participants' electronic proprietary system fails and/or becomes unavailable, the participant is required to revert to a paper-based process

At Arrival:

  1. Air carriers present flight number on paper for proof of report/arrival for conveyances with cargo
  2. CBSA to stamp one copy of paper with flight number for carrier and retain one copy for later electronic verification.
  3. Air carrier to acquire and retain their copy of stamped proof of report (e-manifest lead sheet) for any Flying Truck conveyances
  4. Present paper CCD to the warehouse operators for any in bond shipments
  5. CLVS - if a paper Cargo/Release List cannot be presented by the company, the CBSA could accept any other relevant business documentation for each individual shipment (commercial invoice, cargo control document, manifest, etc.), as long as it contains the necessary transactional data
  6. CSA - air carrier to present print out of air CSA data elements (SO521) for all outage types (including Flying Truck) to CBSA for stamping as proof of report and authorization to deliver


  1. Submit all electronic  messaging for any trade documents presented during  the contingency outage, once the outage is resolved
  2. Ensure the carrier has electronic responses from CBSA for all cargo, conveyance and arrival messaging and resend for those that are missing
  3. Correct any electronic messaging errors or rejects after the outage is over
  4. Retain all stamped paper documents presented during the outage for audit purposes
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