Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Systems
EDI Customs Internet Gateway

The CBSA's Customs Internet Gateway (CIG) provides the trading community with an alternative delivery channel for transmitting cargo, release and accounting data. Using a public key infrastructure (PKI), participants send and receive data over the Internet. The Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) Certification Authority issues medium-level assurance certificates to each participant who wishes to use electronic transaction methods.


To register for the CIG, participants must first become CRA PKI subscribers. The following documents set out what is required to register as a subscriber:

Participant Requirements Document
This document details all the requirements participants must meet and the steps to follow to successfully complete the online registration process.

To request this document, contact the Technical Commercial Client Unit.

Organization Agreement
A senior official who has the authority to bind the organization must sign this agreement. It details the terms and conditions relating to PKI participation and the organization's responsibilities, and identifies individuals appointed to receive and manage digital certificates.

To request these documents, contact the Technical Commercial Client Unit.


You will require two software packages: an Entrust-enabled package and a CIG client package. Please refer to the CIG Participant Requirements Document for details. You will also need a version 4 browser or higher with 128-bit encryption.

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