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Project Name: Electronic Manifest (eManifest)


eManifest is a major transformative initiative and part of the overall measures the Government of Canada is putting in place to enhance the safety and security of Canadians as well as international trade while streamlining cross-border processes. When fully implemented, eManifest will require carriers, freight forwarders, and importers in all modes of transportation to electronically transmit advance commercial information (ACI) to the CBSA within prescribed mode-specific time frames.

Project outcomes

  • Enhance CBSA's capacity to provide a pre-arrival risk determination of goods arriving to Canada.
  • Improve the efficiency of administering pre-arrival determinations by using an improved risk assessment capability
  • Provide the CBSA with the ability to conduct more effective enforcement activities.
  • Enable the CBSA to provide faster, more efficient frontline processing for legitimate commercial trade.

Industrial benefits

  • Enhanced prosperity: eManifest will contribute to a strong economy by facilitating the flow of low-risk trade in a high-volume, time-sensitive, trans-border environment.
  • Enhanced security: Canadians will be better protected from health, safety, security and terrorist threats as eManifest will "push the border out" as a means to obtain the right data at the right time. eManifest will use sophisticated tools and technology and rigorous risk assessment systems to interdict threats prior to their arrival at the border.
  • Streamlined border processing: Obtaining and risk assessing commercial information from trade-chain participants before the arrival of goods in Canada will minimize the processing required at the border, streamline the clearance process and reduce border congestion.
  • Consistency of application: As eManifest will expand the existing requirements for marine and air carriers to those in the highway and rail environments, there will be a consistent application of risk assessment across all modes of transportation relative to CBSA requirements.
  • Reduced costs of compliance: Members of the trade community will be able to leverage the investment they are making to comply with both international and U.S. requirements. To the greatest extent possible, eManifest will develop system requirements using recognized international and North American standards.
  • Enhanced systems performance: Given the high volumes and compressed time frames associated with trans-border trade, the CBSA will make enhancements to its information technology infrastructure that will improve system performance and reliability.
  • Improved communication on status of shipments/document through new and enhanced notification to trade chain partners.

Sponsoring department

Canada Border Services Agency

Contracting authority

  • Canada Border Services Agency
  • Public Works and Government Services

Participating departments

Not Applicable

Prime contractor

Not applicable

Major subcontractors

IBM, Emerion

Project phase

Execution Phase

Major milestones

The planned milestones include the completion of IT-enabled deliverables, including:

  • Notification system that advises Trade Chain Partners (TCPs) when their eManifest has been received and processed by the CBSA (January 2016).
  • Completion of the Automated Risk Assessment and Targeting system, which provides the ability to screen and target high-risk shipments (May 2016).
  • Ability for TCPs to submit Importer Advance Trade Data (December 2016).
  • Border processing system that will capture Passenger History and integrate with the National Targeting Centre to close the loop on shipments referred for exam (December 2016).
  • Implementation of rigorous business transformation plans in order to support CBSA and TCPs through the transition to the new system.

Progress report and explanation of variances

Initially, the Treasury Board approved eManifest, which had an estimated cost of $415 million.

The eManifest project plan is tracking deliverables and milestones against a revised project plan. The project is to be completed by March 2017 within the approved project authority.

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