CBSA - Blueprint 2020 Report - December 2016
Recognition for demonstrating exceptional initiative and dedication to the public service

At the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), we use a variety of ways to show colleagues and employees how much they are appreciated for a job well done, for an exceptional achievement, or for an influential career in the federal public service. These acknowledgments are celebrated at formal and informal events throughout the year at the Agency.

The prestigious President's Awards are presented annually and recognize individuals or teams who have contributed to our Agency's success by demonstrating key leadership competencies and behaviours. Our President has also spearheaded an "Above and Beyond" recognition program. Each month, our President recognizes CBSA employees at all levels and in all regions who go above and beyond the call of duty to help CBSA deliver on its mandate through their dedication and exceptional performance. Anyone can nominate a peer, an employee or a team.

Another form of recognition at our Agency is the Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal created on June 22, 2004, by the Governor General of Canada. This is a national program opened to all peace officers who have at least 20 years of exemplary service characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency. Branch and Divisional Awards ceremonies have also taken place to celebrate and recognize our employees. All CBSA employees contribute to the success of fulfilling our Agency's mission. And we all play a role in recognizing those whose leadership and achievements help place our Agency among all-star organizations that define what excellence looks like.

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