Forward Regulatory Plan: 2017-2019
eManifest (Package 2)

Description of the objective

eManifest (electronic manifest) is an initiative designed to establish advance electronic information requirements in the highway and rail modes of transportation, and to build upon existing advance commercial information requirements for goods in the marine and air modes. Advance information would be required from trade chain partners involved in the importation of goods into Canada in all modes of transportation. The advance information is needed to accurately identify high-risk goods and facilitate the free flow of low-risk goods while protecting the health, safety and security of Canadians. eManifest would ensure a paperless process, that starts before any goods reach the Canadian border, for commercial importations in all modes of transportation.

Specifically, the proposed amendments in support of eManifest (Package 2) would introduce:

Enabling Acts: Customs Act

Indication of business impacts

There may be business impacts. The "One-for-One" Rule and/or the Small Business Lens may apply.

Public consultation opportunities

The main avenue for consultations with industry on eManifest is the Border Commercial Consultative Committee (BCCC) and its Commercial Projects Sub-Committee. Records of these meetings can be found on the Border Commercial Consultative Committee page. The CBSA will continue to provide updates and consult stakeholders for their input regarding proposed regulatory amendments at these meetings, which will be ongoing throughout the development of Phase II of the eManifest regulatory proposal.

The CBSA is continuing to engage with industry through the CBSA Web site and eManifest web feed, publications, communications products and various outreach activities, as the design and implementation of eManifest moves forward.

Departmental contact

Martin Burtt
Programs Branch
Canada Border Services Agency
Tel.: 613-948-7865

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